Krishna Sudhama – The Best Friends – Happy Friendship Day

Sudhama was a poor Brahmin from the town of Porbandar in Gujarat and Krishna from Dwarka. They were very good childhood friends, who lost contact overtime as Sudhama returned to his town.

Once Sudhama was going through extremely bad times, did not even have enough money to feed his family. His wife Susheela reminded him of his good friend Krishna and advised her husband to seek help from him in this times of distress.

Initially reluctant to use his friendship, Sudama leaves his town to meet Krishna. Being very poor, he carries nothing but some beaten rice, Krishna’s favorite, tied in a cloth as a present to his dear friend.

Krishna is greatly pleased to see his old friend. He treats him royally and with much love.

krishna sudama

But Sudhama is still reluctant to misuse his friendship and doesn’t feel like asking his friend for help. He is just thankful to have a great friend like Krishna and leaves Dwarka to return home.

But the real surprise awaits when he reaches his place. Krishna had realized the needs of his friend Sudhama, without Sudhama having to utter a single word.

On return, Sudhaama finds a palatial mansion instead of the hut he had left. He also finds his family happy, well dressed, well fed, waiting for his arrival. He lives a great life after that free of miseries, and always thankful to his great friend Krishna.

The greatness of this friendship lies in the fact that Sudhama in spite of having a rich friend like Krishna, does not misuse his friendship, does not ask for help on his own. Instead he goes all the way to meet Krishna carrying what his friend likes the most in whatever he has, the beaten rice. Sudhama knows that his friend Krishna has all the riches, and yet brings what he could afford as a gift to his friend.

On seeing the richness of Krishna, Sudhama is hesitant to give him the small gift he has brought along and tries to hide it. But Krishna asks what he is hiding, takes is from Sudhama, and on seeing the raw rice happily starts eating it.

Also Krishna is able to understand what his dear friend needs without even his friend having to speak it out.

Krishna and Sudhama – The true friendship.

Happy Friendship Day to all.

  • Jithendra

    Cute one :)

  • Umesh Raichur

    Dear Guru,

    Every time I hear or read this story, my eyes gets filled with tears. Thanks a lot for this post. A very happy friendship day to you :-)


    • itzguru

      Thank you, wish you the same.

  • Surya

    Out of curiosity…’Sudhama’——–> ‘Kucheludu’ or ‘Kuchelan’ other name..

    • itzguru

      Sudhama was his name. Kuchela is an attribute name like “poor man”, it means “a person dressed in dirty or torn garments”.

      • surya


  • abhishek

    amazing story …

    hare krsna..