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Depending on FDI alone to strengthen the Indian economy and control falling Rupee is not going to help in the long run.

Is it a good option to invest in Gold when its prices are falling? Does Gold offer good returns on investment? What are the benefits of investing in Gold?

A simple explanation in layman’s terms of the economics of how the banking system works in India.

A simplified explanation of the 2011 United States Financial Debt Ceiling Crisis. The reasons behind the Debt Ceiling Crisis, the resolutions reached, and brief descriptions about US Treasury Bonds.

The fact is that the policy makers come to power with the votes cast in the elections by the general public. The capitalists run their businesses because the general public buy their goods and products. And yet, the illegal network between Capitalists and Administrators makes life more miserable for the same general public by means of corruption. The reason?

The ministry of Finance of the Government of India had announced an open competition in 2009 to design a currency symbol for Indian Rupee that would represent the cultural and historical ethos of India. Note that Russia has been trying ever since early 1990s to find a brand symbol to its currency Rouble!

The reason for the US sub prime crisis, and the slowdown in the global economy. What is the Sub Prime Crisis? How did bad loans cause economic collapse?

Take any currency note and have a look at it. You will find wordings similar to this. “I promise to pay the bearer a sum of….” So what does this mean? It means that the reserve bank of the country (in other words the Government) promises that the person who possesses the currency note (i.e [...]

Indians Only Please OK, now continue July 31 is the last date I think to file the Tax returns in India this year Well, now you can file these IT (Income Tax) returns online. It is VERY EASY, I just did it for myself, VERY SIMPLE STEPS and your returns can be filed and acknowledgment [...]

The wait is over, the government of India has finally awaken from all its political compulsions and saw that the global oil prices have increased a lot, that the oil companies in the country are making a huge loss, and hence has decided to increase the fuel prices effective from 5 June. Petrol has increased [...]