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July 31 is the last date I think to file the Tax returns in India this year Well, now you can file these IT (Income Tax) returns online. It is VERY EASY, I just did it for myself, VERY SIMPLE STEPS and your returns can be filed and acknowledgment received all just by few keyboard strokes and few mouse clicks! All in a matter of 10 minutes! Einstein had once said that filing tax returns was what he considered to be very difficult, I don’t think so or probably I don’t have a complex income like how Einstein had ;) So here we go.. NOTE: I am assuming you are a salaried professional, else the steps might vary depending on how you really make money, so before you start read the disclaimer at the end ;) Requirements: First you need to have two things next to you. Your PAN Card and Your Form 16 Then you need to have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your system so that you can open and fill in the e-form Next ensure that your system date is correct in your computer, else the acrobat reader will complain when you open the e-form later. Registration Go to and register yourself by providing your PAN number etc Login Go to and login into your account registered above. You will have to use your PAN number as your user name. Download the PDF NOTE: I am assuming you are a salaried professional Next click on Return Preparation Software If you are a salaried professional click, then click on PDF Utility next to ITR-1 and download the PDF file for the ITR form to your local system You can also download the corresponding help ITR-1 with Instructions to help you to fill in the downloaded form. Fill the ITR Form Open the first PDF downloaded above and start filling it. As you can see it is a simple 2 page PDF form which you can fill. You can also use the second pdf downloaded above which contains useful tips to fill in the ITR form Your personal details are easy to fill. Then rest of the sections are mostly a copy paste from your Form 16. Check Form Once you have completed filling all the mandatory fields in the two pages, Click on the Check Form button at the bottom of the second page. If you have missed out any fields, then it will alert you when you click this button. Generate Bar Code Once you have completed filling all the fields, Generate BarCode and Export To XML buttons will be enabled, till then they will be disabled. So now click on Generate Bar Code button. The BarCode (!) will be generated in the background. Dont worry too much about what it does or what it means, even I dont know :) Export To XML Now click on Export To XML button and it will prompt you to save an XML file. Do not change the name of the XML file, just save it as it is to some location in your system. Upload the XML Again go to and login into your account. On the left hand side, there is a Submit return link. Click on it. The page displayed now will provide you an option to Upload the XML file. Upload the XML file generated in the earlier step and Click Upload Download the Verification Form And thats it! You should receive a message saying Your returns have been successfully uploaded. with a link at the bottom Click Here to download ITR-V. Click that link and download your ITR-V form. Thanks to Pavithra here is more info provided by her about the ITR-V form that you downloaded. The ITR-V form is not the acknowledgment, but it is the Verification form. You get this if you have not attached the digital signature to your IT Returns. (You can buy digital signature – costs around 500Rs). If you get ITR-V form, you need to submit this form at the Income tax dept or the post office to complete the process of filing your returns. After doing this, you will get the acknowledgment. But, if you attach a digital signature, you will directly get an acknowledgement and you dont need to do any additional step! Troubleshooting I faced one problem explained below while uploading the XML file. Just in case you face the same problem, then you may probably want to look at what I did to resolve it. While uploading the XML file I received an error saying, Invalid DOB value. I opened the xml file and saw that the two date fields ITRForm:DOB and ITRForm:Date had no values in them. So if you know XML (which is very simple actually), just change these fields with appropriate values like 1979-09-25 and 2007-07-25 where the first one is your date of birth and the second one is the date on which you submitted your returns. I did not face any other problems to file the returns. Overall, I feel the power of technology has been put to very good use and life is more easier and simpler now. Hopefully in the future it will be even more simpler where in we have to just upload our Form-16, and lo, the returns are filed :) I have also sent a suggestion to the IT dept to make the process simpler further.. that they can direct the employers to provide Form 16 in an XML format or as a PDF to their employees. And the employees can simply login into their account in the IT dept website and upload the XML/PDF file as their returns which in turn can be processed by the IT dept software! Hope this helps, if it doesn’t, don’t bother me, because in that case you need a Chartered Accountant and NOT ME! Disclaimer : Let me repeat, I am not a Chartered Accoutant. This was just to help you file your returns online which I thought was simple enough for one to do it himself/herself, because I did it for myself and found it very easy. I have not reviewed what I have written above, so it may not be correct completely! I am in no way responsible if you get anything messed up while filing the IT returns nor do I represent any body or individual who can help you to file your returns. Simply put, these steps are GUIDELINES ONLY I am in no way responsible if something crashes your computer or for anything that happens to you or to anybody else, living or non living entity, before or on or after filing the returns! You are the answer to all your questions. You are the solution to all your problems

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  • suresh

    when i tried to submit incometax return online for the year 2008-2009, i got message like below

    The due date for IT Return of ReturnFileSec 11 for Assessment Year 2008 is only till 31-03-2009. Please contact DIT Administrator for further details
    Please rectify the Above error(s) and upload your return again

    could please let me know any other site i can do it online.


  • Arun

    When i filled in the excel form ITR-1, i had selected the ‘tax filed under section’ as 11 which means ‘voluntarily before due date’. I tried uploading the xml. But an error message occurred saying ‘Error in Upload of ITR
    The due date for IT Return of ReturnFileSec 11 for Assessment Year 2008 is only till 31-03-2009′ even though i had selected the assessment year while uploading as 2008-09. pls help

  • Ashish Sharma

    I had a different problem while filing return. It said Element ITR-1 not found. Have not found a solution till now. Can anyone help me on that.

  • rafik

    Ya.. even was successfully submit…but need to get the seal from IT office for the veri letter

  • sameer shaikh


    is there any seperate queue for ITR V Submission…….?
    IF yes then how long?

  • Narendar


    It is very good, it helps me alot .

    and can u give the information how to recover the money???

    i have a amount of 9000/- refund what is the process of refund…

  • Sriram

    To whom should this ITR-V form be addressed?
    To which address should this be sent?

  • KJS

    I was able to e-file my return, but I don’t have a digital signature. Is there an address where I can have my ITR-V couriered or a consultant I can hire to deliver it?

  • http://None Meena

    Hello …I tried to upload my xml file while submitting return online, but i get this message: ‘Not a valid xml. Please correct the aml file and upload again’. I checked again and could find nothing incorrect in my xml file but I continue getting this error. Any suggestions to resolve this please. Thanks in advance!

  • Gurudev

    I think yes Kamlesh
    You can send the pdf to somebody in India, ask them to take a printout and get the same submitted to the IT dept
    Alternatively if you have a digital certificate, then you can sign the document with it and complete the entire procedure online itself.

  • Kamlesh

    This sounds great.
    But I am currently out of India. Is there any limit of days in which I have to submit the ITR-V form to IT department after filing the IT returns online?? or can someone in India submit a scan/printout copy of it to IT department?
    Someone please to ghelp me on this.


  • Pmp

    Can anoybody please provide me the IT department address where I can submit the ITR-V form? I’m out of india rightnow. I need to send the ITR-V form within 15 days to IT Department.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Gurudev

    Yes Piyush,
    You need to get the acknowledgment from the IT office :)

  • Piyush

    Gurudev, Pavithra,

    If it weren’t for this article I would never have known that government related issues could be handled so peacefully….
    this was a huge help!
    although I have one question…. do i need to take acknowledgment from IT office or Post office before 31 july necessarily? I do not have digital signature :(

  • Mahesh

    Thanks for the DOB tip

  • SKumar

    That was a wondeful posting on date format.


  • Gurudev

    You can get Digital signatures for about 950 Rupees which will be valid for 2 years.
    Check the link below:

  • Jagannathan

    Please provide some links for purchasing a digital signature. Whatever, I got from google search costs around 79-90 dollars. thanks in advance

  • Kiran

    It would be great if anyone can provide a link for purchasing a digital signature

  • Sunil Khullar

    The acceptance of income tax returns at post offices has been discontinued for the assessment year 2007-2008.

  • Gurudev

    I think you can submit the ITR-V at any post office. Sorry haven’t tried ITR-2!


  • Shailesh

    Hi All,
    Thanks for all the information.
    Not sure if the DOB and Date problem can be resolved using Acrobat 8.1.
    I will use 8.1 and check.

    Secondly, do you have information on where exactly do you submit the ITR-V forms?
    It will be great, if you can provide information on the places that acknowledge the ITR-V in Mumbai.
    I hope there is a separate queue and definitely not long like the ones for return filing.
    Do the TRP’s accept this?

    Also has any one tried ITR-2?
    It is a 7 pager and takes a lot of time to save information. In fact, the system even hangs when you make an attempt to save it?
    Any idea why?


  • Gurudev

    Hi Pavithra

    Thanks a lot for that information. If not for your comments even I would have kept quite thinking that was the acknowledgment :)

    Have updated the post by copy pasting your own words, hope you wont mind! :)


  • Gurudev

    Hi Babu

    Glad to know that you found it useful! Thanks for your comments.


  • Pavithra


    Very Good explanation. But there is one thing I want to add.

    The ITR-V form is not the ackowledgement, but it is the “”Verification”" form. You get this if you have not attached the digital signature to your IT Returns. (You can buy digital signature – costs around 500Rs). If you get ITR-V form, you need to submit this form at the Income tax dept or the post office to complete the process of filing your returns. After doing this, you will get the acknowledgement.

    But, if you attach a digital signature, you will directly get an acknowledgement and you dont need to do any additional step!


  • Babu

    Hi Gurudev,
    Thank you for the nice writeup!
    Actually I landed here thru Google search for DOB fatal error (I got this while uploading the XML file). Your tip on editing the XML for the date, resolved the issue.
    Thanks once again!