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The Matrix Revolutions and the Bhagavadgita – An analysis of the ending scene and the underlying spiritual message in the movie.

Enjoy this kannada video with an english audio

Was playing some random drums on my synthesizer today and then in the end when I tried to play some other earlier recording of mine, it started writing to memory all that I had played till then. Then realized that I had turned the recording option on. When we consciously switch on the recording option [...]

Prabhudeva – The great Indian dance choreographer/actor/dance master is also my most favorite dancer in the movies. He dances as if there are no bones in his body! His acting is also great, especially in comedy scenes. Below is one of his great dance numbers from the Tamil movie Gentleman. Another great song from the [...]

One of the greatest music directors ever, the one and the only Maestro Ilayaraja. Below is a beautiful composition by this great man, the uniqueness of this tune being that its composed using only three notes of an octave. In other words, out of the sa, ri, ga, ma, pa, da, ni notes, Ilayaraja has [...]

Nesara in Kannada means Sun. And this song below from a very old kannada movie about sunrise is one of my most favorite songs. An amazing music with a great melody and wonderful lyrics. So thought will share this beautiful song with you all. Nesara Nodu means look at the sun in Kannada.

Remember those wonderful days of our childhood? When the great video song Mile Sur Mera Tumahra symbolizing the cultural and linguistic diversity of India and the unity in that diversity, used to evoke the wonderful feeling of Indianness and pride every time we listened to this beautiful song. An Indian National Integration video whose melody [...]

Enjoy your weekend with the beauty of classical Indian music. The below concert is based on the melody of tunes composed using Kaapi raga. The wonderful violin is played by Balabhaskar and the band is called the Big Indian Band. Every time I listen to some great music like this I get tempted to give [...]

Kerala, a beautiful south Indian state also known as God’s own country for its natural beauty. Enjoy the glimpses of this beautiful place which apart from being one of the greatest places still preserving ancient Indian culture and practices like the medical system of Ayurveda, the beautiful dance form of Kathakkali, arts like Kalaripayattu- the [...]

The incredible Indian percussionist, THE BEST in the world, Shivamani Below are two videos of his performance, worth enjoying In the second video below see how amazingly he plays using spoons, tins and plates as his instruments! He has mastered percussion like anything.. he can get good beats out of almost everything.. you can see [...]