Music is what feelings sound like

Enjoy your weekend with the beauty of classical Indian music. The below concert is based on the melody of tunes composed using Kaapi raga. The wonderful violin is played by Balabhaskar and the band is called the Big Indian Band.

Every time I listen to some great music like this I get tempted to give up all this IT, software and stick to my music synthesizer.. and then I tell myself, patience buddy, its all just a matter of time, and for the time being compose a tune or two or try something new

Now you guys Enjoyyyyyyyy the music

  • Prakash Joshi

    They say “music breaks all barriers” or it is “Food for the Soul”, I’ve personally taken it as the path to “god”. Thank you for introducing me to the great llayraja, simply great. I’ve had the opportunity to hear some great musicians, live, including the untouchable Subramaniam on violin but thoroughly enjoyed this young man Balabhasker, if I can say it sounded like fusion of Indian classical music and “jazz”. I’ve enjoyed all possible form of music, since I was young, Rhythm and blues, to jazz to Rock’n roll and classical western music. I sang with a “Goan” band and performed on T.V. and Night clubs. As I went deeper into the history of “black music” I
    came accross a Noname recording of a slave song done in 1907, which I’ve a copy off, just guitar and song, when the black musicians were not given any recognition and were totally discriminated. This touched my heart, “soul music”. But as I listened more and went further  away from my motherland, no other music ever came as close to me than the Indian classical Music. If I can say this, The South India is full of culture, dance and have kept up the trditional dances/music whilst the North is loosing it. I don’t think up north you can have people of different generations sit together and enjoy the music of the “Big Indian Band” as seen in the video.  Hats off to “Southern India. It is my wish to hear Bhimsen Joshi, live. As I play my seventy year old harmonium, bought in Mumbai by my father, brought to Africa, taken by me during fleeing of idi Amin, to London and then to Canada, yes I do feel like sometimes to give-up everything, like you and concentrate on composition which I’ve meddle-in a little, trying different tal, trying to attempt singing in three octaves, composing geet, gazals and bhajans but classical Indian music is a far cry, sky is the limit and like a kid just taken a few steps, towards it, yet.     

  • anonymous

    nice one…dancing romance