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The reason why India is not a mere nation, but a civilization, and why Hinduism is not a mere religion but a culture.

Impact of British Colonization on the People, History, Society and Culture of India and worldwide.

The role of the descendants of Lord Rama in the Mahabharata War fought at Kurukshetra.

DNA Analysis of Prince William reveals his Indian ancestry through this 5th great grandmother who also probably had an Armenian ancestry.

The Universities of Takshashila and Nalanda are two of the most popular centers of learning from ancient India. But were they the only ancient Universities of India? Read about other great knowledge centers from ancient India.

No nation or society can achieve anything worth without having an accurate knowledge of their history, of their past, of what their ancestors achieved.

The link between the thousands of years old Valmiki Ramayan and the centuries old Sri Venkateshwara Suprabhatam.

The oldest republics in the world existed in ancient India from thousands of years back during the times of vedic civilization to as recently as 4th century CE.

Recent genetic studies reveal that long before Europeans arrived on the Australian Soil, ancient Indians had arrived to Australia 4000 years ago bringing the Dingo along with them.

Dowry which was an institution for the benefit of Women in Indian marriage system got converted into a custom to abuse and oppress women during the British Rule of India, due to the discriminatory policies of the British against Indian Women.