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Rajinikanth is no ordinary man and so when we talk about Rajini Sir’s website, it cannot be yet another ordinary website either.

Kadalekaayi is groundnut, Timepass kadalekaayi is. Read below Thank you for confirming of having so much time to pass.. now continue to read below A day without fusion is like a day without sunshine! Why? Because sun wont shine without nuclear fusion And a day without sunshine is like a night without day! Why? Because [...]

For a change, lets have a unique quiz Where do most of the meteorites hit on earth? No no, its not a general knowledge question. Its a common sense question, where this sense is common only amongst the Indian explorers! So, once again.. Where do most of the meteorites hit on earth? Where else? Of [...]

Some pain is physical, and some is mental, but the one that’s both is dental I usually brush my teeth twice a day, once in the morning before bath and once in the night before going to bed, just to avoid feeling yuk!! I remember having tooth ache when I was a kid. Actually one [...]

Disclaimer: Don’t take it seriously, I mean the disclaimer.. just a crazy funny thought below Was sipping the tasty coffee in the office canteen.. and a superluminal thought passed by.. yes thoughts are always superluminal.. they travel faster than light.. which is why time travel is possible in your thoughts.. you can think about past [...]

I read this article about researchers being able to store “E=mc2 1905″ in a bacterial DNA. Genetic material is becoming the biological harddisk. Bacteria will be the future thumbdrives, USB drives and what not. You dont need to take backups any more as bacteria replicate themselves in no time you will end up with multiple [...]