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Gone are the days,
when it rained for weeks,
yet no water clogged streets

The longest word in the world in any language used in a literary work or literature is in Sanskrit.

World’s Oldest Printed Books are the Chinese Translations of Ancient Sanskrit teachings of Buddha and Buddhism.

World Sanskrit Book Fair is being held from Jan-7 to Jan-10 in Bangalore. It is a great opportunity for all those interested in Sanskrit and ancient India.

God They are dividing the society in your name They are converting others with your claim They are misleading the world misusing your fame They are misbehaving with others causing you shame God, save me from your followers Why cant I worship you in a different way? Why cant I call you with a different [...]

In the constellation of Libra, 20.5 light years away from our planet Earth lies a star Gliese 581. Orbiting this star is a planet Gliese 581c, about 1.5 times bigger than earth in diameter, and 5 times more massive. This planet is home for an advanced alien civilization. It is a a Type II civilization [...]