The Story of Rains – then and now


Gone are the days,
when it rained for weeks,
yet no water clogged streets

Here come the days,
where it showers for hours,
and people run for covers

Gone are the days,
where wells had water,
even in peak summer

Here come the days,
where rivers run dry,
soon after monsoons fly

Gone are the days,
when lake was a dam
harvesting every dime

Here come the days,
where lake becomes layout,
and flooding is the fallout

Gone are the days,
when trees slowed the flow
making soil glow

Here come the days,
where forest becomes resort,
sliding land below

Gone are the days,
happiness after rain
farmers making gain

Here come the days,
drought follows flood,
farming good as dead

Gone are the days,
when humans had a need
which nature did feed

Here come the days,
where humans full of greed
hence disasters do breed

Don’t blame the weather,
for we made it wither

Do nurture nature,
for a better future

Bring back all those days
rejuvenate all those lakes

reforest the land
no other magic wand

  • Srikanth Rangdal

    Hey guru,
    Happy to see you back. Your writing is great as always. Would you plz share where you’ve been all these years…

  • Sanmathi Suresh

    Great to see your post after a long time. Looking forward for the next posts.

  • v

    Been waiting for a post for yearss! Hoping to see more now.

    • itzguru

      definitely.. lot more to write..

  • Shweta Singh

    years and years of wait. and a wonderful post :)

    • itzguru

      Thanks.. finally finding time to do what I really love to.. reading, thinking and writing :)

      • chakresh sahu

        I guess, it is after more than five years

        • itzguru

          Yes Sir :)