World Sanskrit Book Fair

Another new year is in and so is yet another chance for us to get it right. Wish you all a great year ahead. For those who stay in Bangalore, India and are interested in Sanskrit books or in learning Sanskrit, here is a great opportunity at the beginning of this year. From January 7-January 10 there is a World Sanskrit Book Fair being held in Bangalore at National College Grounds, Basavanagudi.

This is a great opportunity for all those interested in the Sanskrit literature, in the great Sanskrit works, original ancient texts of India, Vedic books, beginners guides to learn Sanskrit etc. This is a great event related to the most perfect and the most ancient of all languages – Sanskrit – the Mother of all Languages.

An Ancient Sanskrit Manuscript

The highlights of the events are:

Exhibits to showcase the knowledge heritage of India.
Book Sale Event: Over 300 new Samskrit Books released, 100 Samskrit-related publishers participating.
Cultural Programs: Concerts, dramas, puppet shows, model homes, marketplaces – all in Simple Samskrit.
All India Samskrit Conference: Vaak spardhaa, Seminars, Sammelans of various focus groups.
  • Exhibitions that showcase the knowledge heritage of India
  • Grand Sanskrit Book Sale with over 100 Sanskrit Publishers from all over the country participating in it with over 300 NEW Sanskrit books released.
  • Cultural Programs related to Sanskrit literature and ancient India which include Concerts, dramas, puppet shows, model homes, marketplaces
  • All India Samskrit Conference: Vaak spardhaa, Seminars, Sammelans of various focus groups.

With over 10000 delegates from all over the country participating, this massive program is supported by the central and various state governments of India, all Sanskrit Universities and Research Institutes, and the International Association for Sanskrit Studies.

Samskrit language is very much thriving. Come to See it, Believe it, Embrace it! For complete details visit

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  • Manish Parmar


    Once again I commend you on your efforts to promote our motherland – tongue. Sanskrit has indeed intrigued me, in fact it’s a beautiful language and the mother of many.

    Unfortunately, residing in the UK I cannot attend however would love to purchase books relating to our culture, values and norms.

    I encourage the promotion of this script, form and function. Would love to see it more on products alongside English perhaps. It should be widely accepted as the national language of India although there are many if not hundreds.

    Thank you for sharing this with us and I hope to see many more fairs, exibitions and events promoting this wonderful language.

    Thanks kindly,

    Manish Parmar, UK.
    ps, Thanks again for your comment on the previous article.

    • Gurudev

      You are welcome Manish, it is indeed a great event and we need much more like these not just in India but worldwide so that anybody interested can make good use of it. Hope many more such events take place in the future.

      • VJ

        How can we learn Sanskrit? What are the books do you suggest? I am currently in US