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If you think definitions are a great way of getting rid of confusions, if you think definitions can help you get crystal clear understanding of the way things are, well, read on. Ask young kids the difference between animals and birds, and the general response will be birds fly, animals cannot As we age, we [...]

Difference between succeeding life by luck and succeeding in life by achievement.

The self contradiction in the statement of the rule “Every Rule has an Exception”

What is the Nature of Truth? Is Truth Absolute or is it Relative? Is Truth Universal or Local? Is Truth Universally Applicable Fact or is it a Local Social Perception?

The Alien Study July 4 2002… It was 11:30 pm… 230 km northwest of Kabul at an altitude of 2500 meters… In the Bamiyan valley landed an UFO.. Photographs of the destroyed Buddha statues were taken.. compared with the Buddha who once stood there… The left image shows the Buddha who once stood.. and the [...]

As a kid in the school I had read about this wonderful bird called ‘Arctic Tern’. The life of this bird fascinated me a lot because it is the only species which covers earth from one pole to other, and that too every year! Even we humans with such advanced technology dont travel so much [...]

“If the human brain were so simple that we could understand it, then we would be so simple that we wouldn’t have been able to understand it ” – Emerson Where do we draw the line about the complexity of an issue and the human ability to understand/resolve it? Are we limited by our thinking [...]

Why did the Ancient Indians invent Zero ? To indicate Nothing in a place value based numerical system, like the binary, decimal etc. So in the number 101, 0 means there is NO value in the tenth’s place. If there was no zero then 101 should have been written as 11, which leaves no room [...]

Man being an animal who can think, reason and conclude on the one hand, also believes in things for which no known solid scientific proof exists. Why is that? There are things like astrology, god, prayer, omens, etc and many of us believe in it. And yet there is no solid scientific basis for it. [...]

One of the greatest mysteries of quantum mechanics is non-locality. Non locality is if you take two quantum particles that were twins and separate them billions of miles apart, and then do something to one particle here, the other particle billions of light years away will immediately come to know about what you did to [...]