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There has been a lot of research going on in the field of Artificial Intelligence, where software programs would be made to think and behave like humans, there by providing us with a more friendly user interface. For instance, think about a software powered robotic interface which can act as your assistant, work as your [...]

65 millions years ago!! At the end of the mesozoic era.. Let us assume that the dinosaurs never got destroyed.. Let us assume that the mighty asteroid that hit earth or the super volcano that erupted or the global climatic change that took place never happened 65 million years ago.. So the dinosaurs moved on [...]

2,00,000 years ago In the forests of Eurasia.. A dark moonless night.. with the countless stars shining in the sky.. A homo sapiens is out on hunting There he saw behind the bushes a pair of bright eyes something moved suddenly.. he immediately threw his spear at it.. and it ran and so did he [...]

One of the visitors to the blog requested me to write about matter-antimatter and bigbang. Cosmology is one of my most favorite subjects! So here we go! As we know the observable universe is expanding! Going back in time, we reach a point where the entire universe had been collapsed to a point singularity called [...]

Are our brains sophisticated enough to understand branes? For those brains wondering as to what branes are, well they are a speculation of the string theory (the theory that is expected to describe everything physical about our universe!! well again its another interesting fact to note that the string theory which was expected to describe [...]

This has been one of my thoughts since long back. About the auto mode of brain where brain works without our mind consciously being aware of it. I feel that we need to concentrate to do things only when we are not used to it, in other words when we are not experienced in it. [...]

A friend of mine wanted to smoke a Wills cigaratte and I just created a funny two liner on the fly and warned him about the dangers of smoking saying, Where there is a will there is a way, Where there is a Wills cigaratte, there is only one way and pointed upwards towards the [...]

We cannot deny the fact that humans are intelligent. If not for the human intelligence you would not have been reading possibly even within seconds of my writing this blog, given the fact that we both may be on opposite parts of this globe! Thanks to technology, we can communicate with each other at lightning [...]

Logical analysis of the possibility of the gods in the mythological texts being aliens who visited earth during that period.