The Power of One

Amateurs built the ark, professionals built the Titanic :)

Thanks for the blog reader who shared this beautiful video with me and also suggested that it be shared with you all!

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  • http://aol David

    Todays approach:
    1. What shall we do?
    2. Who do you know that can do it?
    3. Who did it (short for how did it get done so fast?
    Bless the children, the future of the world belongs to the next generation,

  • Gurudev

    Thanks to all guys…
    That was a nice complement vijay.. hope to achieve it :)

  • vijay

    Hey, it suddenly occured to me that the boy in the video is none other than Guru, leading others to right direction ;)

  • vinu

    that was realy good vidio, thanks guru

  • Akshay


  • vijay

    AWESOME. Got my self-confidence back. Thanks Guru.

  • sainath

    Thanks for sharing Gurudev