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Gauhati High Court has declared that the establishment of CBI as an investigating agency is Unconstitutional because the very process that was followed in setting up the CBI violated article 21 of the Indian Constitution.

Can Congress claim Sardar Patel’s legacy? How much has Congress remembered Sardar Patel ever since Independence till today? How many Congress billboards and advertisements have featured Sardar Patel?

Nitish Kumar who once said that he was a fan of Narendra Modi, today breaks a 17 year old alliance because of him.

BJP sees no wrong in bringing political parties under RTI; Congress, Left, JDU oppose this move by CIC.

The oldest republics in the world existed in ancient India from thousands of years back during the times of vedic civilization to as recently as 4th century CE.

Isn’t it ironical that over 60% population of the world’s fourth largest economy require food grain subsidies to be able to afford their daily meals?

A mature logical discussion in the parliament of India on Lokpal Bill by eminent politicians and law makers of the country followed by unanimous approval of the key points raised by Anna Hazare.

Who is being rigid, adamant and arrogant in the anti-corruption battle for a strong lokpal? Government or Team Anna?

Excerpts and video of the wonderful speech made by Arun Jaitley of BJP in Rajya Sabha in response to Manmohan Singh’s statement about the arrest of Anna Hazare and government’s take on the Anti Corruption Movement.

Summary of differences between Jan Lokpal Bill proposed by Anna Hazare & team and the Government’s version of the Lokpal Bill