Can Congress claim Sardar Patel’s legacy?

Ever since Gujarat government announced the building of world’s tallest statue, the Statue of Unity, of Sardar Patel, Congressmen have suddenly awoken to the fact that Sardar Patel was from their party, and have started saying that Modi or BJP cannot claim Sardar Patel’s legacy. It all started with Modi’s government announcing the project to build the world’s tallest statue named “Statue of Unity” to honor the architect of United India, Sardar Vallabhabhai Patel.

Statue of Unity Sardar Patel

True, Sardar Patel was a Congressman and there was no BJP back then during his times. But it is also a fact that any Indian can claim legacy of its leaders. More so, Sardar Patel is from Gujarat and what stops the government of Gujarat from building a monument of one of its greatest leaders? Do they need to take the permission of Congress party for that?

Why is the Congress having problem if a BJP government decides to build a mega monument honoring a great leader of this country? After all, Sardar Patel is from Gujarat, and Gujaratis are building a monument of a leader from their soil!

Even more so, how much has Congress itself nurtured the legacy of one of its tallest leaders in history? What was the respect given in Congress to this leader when he was around in the party? Look at the below excerpts from “With No Ill Feeling To Anybody” by MKK Nair, a 1947 batch IAS officer, who had close ties with Sardar Patel.

Nair Sardar Patel Nehru

Nehru did not want Sardar Patel to send Indian army to take over Hyderabad, whose ruler was then planning to join Pakistan. Nehru instead wanted to go to United Nations on the issue, just like the way he had messed up the issue of Kashmir by going to UN. It was Sardar Patel’s determination which ensured that Hyderabad did not become another Kashmir.

Nehru even called Sardar Patel a Communalist! And Congress today claims that Sardar Patel is their secular leader? Why did then their own Nehru call him a communalist? Nehru’s hatred to Sardar Patel was so much that when Sardar Patel died, Nehru denied government expenditure to those officials who wanted to attend his last rites!

Sardar Patel Nehru Mahatma Gandhi

Even after Nehru, till today, how many government projects have been announced by Congress in the name of Sardar Patel? How many monuments, roads, airports, bridges, buildings, have they named after Sardar Patel? How many Congress billboards and advertisements feature Sardar Patel?

Forget Patel, how many programs have been announced by Congress governments in the name of ANY Indian leader other than the Nehru dynasty and Mahatma Gandhi? Doesn’t India have any other great leaders at all?

And now that Narendra Modi’s government is building a great monument of Sardar Patel, Congress suddenly remembers their dear leader? Isn’t it high time that Congress first starts introspecting from within about what has the party did so far based on which it can claim the legacy of Sardar Patel?


    Patel was a RSS mole in the Congress — his only contribution, wiping out the princely states.

  • Prakash Joshi

    Not only did the Iron man of India, Sadar Vallabhai Patel had the vision of a unified India (Unifying 562 states posed quite a challenge, because some wanted to stay with India, while some others wanted to attach themselves to Pakistan and a third group wished to remain independent), but also a strong India and also was very aware of the dangers lurking on its borders. The attached letter written to Prime minister Nehru in November of
    1950 high-lightes the concerns and warns him on the dangers of being indecisive.

    As mentioned before by others and rightly so that India would have been a
    different country under Patel and the problems like that of Kashmir would not exist but nothing is lost, it is not important which party does a man belong to but the vision one has for the country and the readiness to learn from past mistakes is the key. A disciple
    of Swami Vevakananda and a strong supporter of the only iron man of India, Sadar Vallabhai Patel has my vote. Build a sky – high monument.

    Prakash Joshi

    • Manish

      Talking in retrospect is easy.. Nehru was the architect of modern India and he guided India pretty well over the torrid period after independence..let’s not lambaste someone who has served the country well..just cause we support a different ideology..

  • gayathri

    congress may not claim the legacy of patel, but bjp can never

  • pushparaj

    people have selective amnesia.they forget that Patel was the one who proposed to build the Somnath temple which was turned down both by Gandhi & Nehru..It was gandhi who proposed Nehrus name when all the pradesh Congress commettees wanted Patel as PM.Right from start it was Indira,Rajiv yoganas there was never a Patel orShastri yojanas by the Congress .Now when Modi wanted to build a monument suddenly the Congress claims Patels legacy .The verbal diarrhoea unleashed by Digvijay singh,Manish tiwary &the other sycophants is deprived of commensense.hope ppl are following these.

  • Akshay

    After the chanakya, almost in the ancient history united the India by disolving all the janapadas by using sam, dam, dund, bhed to make Akhand Bharat, sardar patel was the legend in recent times who actually united India once again. But India still in the darkness of ignorance has not valued its own pearl and his legendary..

  • crsrinivasan

    Really a good article which most of them are not aware about it. This message must reach the electronic media/print media and they must inform the true stories to the people . otherwise the socalled congressmen especially the mouthpiece like Tiwary, Digvijay singh etc will twist the stories and try to foll the people of India. pl give the details to press and electronic media with the proof.

  • swagatika

    nice article. if more information would be more appreciated. because of naredramodi’s popularity it just congress playing politics game. till now any where in india when some congress meeting was there no photo related to sardar patel or lal bahadur shastri. both are the jewel of india. how congress claims both are from their party.