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Rarely comes a time when I support the Left front in India. In the context of the Indo-US nuclear deal , Left is Right is what I believe. Left is opposing the deal since it doesn’t wants a strategic tie up with US which goes against its communist interests, and I am opposing the deal [...]

Once upon a time in a village people used to travel mostly by bullock carts. There was only one bus service from the village to the nearby town every day. Most of the people could only afford traveling by bullock cart and not by bus. Over a period of time the poor villagers worked hard, [...]

“The result (of outsourcing) is more American jobs, higher wages and a faster growing economy overall… Global sourcing continues to be a net positive for American workers and the US economy” – so said Harris N. Miller, president of Information Technology Association of America in 2005. Look at the contradiction now. Here is what Mr. [...]

CNN-IBN recently came up with an in-depth analysis report by looking at the Sethusamudram controversy, not just in terms of its religions nature, but also in terms of security risks, the ecological disaster, loss of livelihood for the local people, etc that would be caused by this project. The most important thing that has to [...]

Why is the US suddenly trying to be so nice to India? What is the basis for USA’s new found love for India? Background tale of NPT India has not signed the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) which recognizes only those countries that have conducted nuclear test before 1967 as nuclear powers! Every sovereign nation [...]

Introduction The above image are the satellite photographs of the Palk Straight – The ocean passage between South India and Sri lanka. The ocean floor here is shallow and is not navigable and so no ships navigate via this region. All ships which want to move from western world to the eastern world or vice [...]

India and US are talking about a nuclear deal where in US will provide nuclear fuel for Indian reactors to generate power using nuclear energy. In other words, for the peaceful use of nuclear energy. Hyde’s act is the act which allows US govt to sell nuclear fuel to India. What does the US need [...]

The pakistani version of its terrorism support in Kashmir, has always been on the grounds that its providing support for the freedom movement in Kashmir. Okie, if that is the case then what explanation can it provide for the freedom movements in its own soil?? In Baluchistan its army and airforce strikes recently killed the [...]

The history of the birth of OBC castes in India which were created for mere political gains by V P Singh and Co.

Nehru regarded caste based reservations as a step backward and was of the opinion that it would create a second class inferior knowledge society in India.