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When I was in the school once I had read that Jupiter just missed from becoming a star! In other words it was a failed star and became a planet! Jupiter as we know is the largest planet in the solar system, about 2.5 times larger than all other planets put together.. If it had [...]

Its 2050 AD Scenario I India refuses to vote in favor of a resolution brought by America in the UN. The resolution is about carrying out a military action on some country X for allegedly proliferating Nuclear technology. India argues that there is not enough evidence to support the American claims. America gets angry and [...]

‘yamātārājabhānasalagam’ Pronounced as yamaataaraajabhaanasalagam and written in sanskrit as यमाताराजभानसलगं This is a word used extensively throughout the ancient Sanskrit grammar works. The greatness of this word lies in the fact that This is the world’s oldest Combinatoric formula This is the world’s oldest known de Bruijn Sequence This is the world’s oldest known ‘Shift [...]

Stem cells as we know are those cells in the body that can grow into any other cells as and when required. Unfortunately adult humans have a very limited set of these cells in specific locations like liver and bone marrow. In animals like salamander for instance stem cells grow back an entire limb that [...]

As we all know, most of the continental land lies in the northern hemisphere of our planet. Northern hemisphere of earth has been undergoing periodic glacial ice ages. In every 100,000 years 90,000 years have been a glacial ice age followed by a intermediate shorter 10,000 years of moderate temperature. The reasons for these repeated [...]

Asimov, the well known science fiction writer long ago framed that man will one day be able to build robots which are as intelligent as or much more intelligent than humans. He also foresaw the need to maintain the superiority of the humans amongst the robots and to make sure that the robots never take [...]

Never allow your mind to get prejudiced about an idea or a thought. The key to really understand things is to have an open mind. If what you have been believeing ever since your birth is found to be false, enquire into it with an open mind and if all evidences point towards it being [...]

This post isthe next part ofmy previouspost Ancient Nuclear War Many people have asked me a sensible question about ancient nuclear wars. If it were really true that ancient Mahabharata war was a nuclear war, then where is the leftover radiation? Well, a very good question indeed. I love enquiring deep into things Nuclear bombs [...]

Hashing algorithm used in naming of the raga (raag); in the melakartha system of Indian classical music.

Hashing algorithm used in modern search engines are also found in ancient indian classical music systems. A detailed explanation of the Indian katapayadi hashing algorithm.