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In a Debate on The Ethics of Religious Conversions with the Archbishop of Hyderabad, below is a amazingly beautiful speech by eminent Indologist David Frawley . Date: February 9, 1999 Venue: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Hyderabad. I completely subscribe to the views in this speech. Also, I do not believe that all religions are one and [...]

I was eagerly waiting for something like this to be initiated for mobile users in India. I have a mobile number which I have shared with all my friends. Then I find that some other service provider is offering a better service than my current provider. But now, in India changing my service provider also [...]

The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think! Great volumes have been written about beauties and brains. A friend recently asked me How do you prefer your life partner to be? I believe understanding and caring is of a higher priority than being [...]

Know India, Know World No India, No World! This is what I felt after watching this wonderful slide show containing a great deal of information about India, both the past and the present, which was shared by a blog reader. It was so amazing that I thought it is really worth to be shared. Please [...]

The drive against corruption and bribes has taken a new turn in India. The zero rupee experiment started in Chennai is now reaching other parts of the country. The Zero Rupee campaign against corruption and bribes is started by an Indian NGO 5th pillar , which identifies the common man (you and me) as the [...]

Indian Democracy – Neighbour’s envy, Owner’s pride!! Look at our neighbors. Where are they moving towards? Pakistan – India’s western neighbor is today ruled by its military led by General Musharaff. There is no democracy in Pakistan, and people’s voices are not heard. China – India’s big neighbor has no democracy either and is run [...]

Look at the night sky. The 2000 odd visible stars. The vastness of the universe that lies beyond spread across billions of light years. Our earth is but a very tiny small negligible fraction of this vast infinite universe. Ekam Sath – yet the only truth is that we have only one Earth. If not [...]

Here is an initial list of all those things that ought to be there in a super power India. Please comment on things that you feel should be added or modified. I will also update the list as and when something new flashes in my mind. We the youth of this country shall execute this [...]

Little drops of water Little grains of sand Make the mighty ocean And the beauteous land Little deeds of kindness Little words of love Make our earth an Eden Like the heaven above These are some wonderful lines which I remember from a poem read during my school days.. The solution to the power shortage [...]

As a continuation of my earlier post which detailed about the dangers of consuming genetically modified (GM) food, here is a small list of GM food that you might be consuming every day in India, without even being aware of the fact that it is Genetically Modified! Read Genetically Modified? No Thanks! to get a [...]