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Chinese people have always wanted democracy. Do not forget the fact that China is 1/6 of the world similar to India in terms of population. There ends the similarity. While India is an open democracy China is a closed communist state. The state is constantly suppressing its people of democracy, denying them freedom, has snatched [...]

Use the word impossible with great caution. Only those who can risk going too far can see how far they can really go. So here we have two bureaucrats who did exactly the same. One is Mr T N Sheshan, whom we all know as the man who made the Indian public aware about the [...]

Check out this wonderful link.. Rising Giant

The requirements, suggestions to create a super power out of India.

An Indian farmer’s simple but effective innovation to increase the yield of crops without resorting to any hitech technology by just swapping the top soil with the one at the bottom.

The transition of India from a poverty ridden nation to an economic superpower with the creation of one of the world’s largest knowledge industries.

Clemenceau, the french warship to be dismantled in India stopped by the Indian Supreme Court due to presence of toxic chemical material in the ship and the hazards posed by it to the Indian soil and workers.

The movement to encourage products of world class quality in India by not just buying Made in India products, but by reviving innovation and enterpreunership and encouraging world class ideas and products.

Corrupt politicians and bureaucrats of India and the absence of the sense of duty towards nation and society.

The mammoth energy requirement of India if its society has to reach the standards of a developed world like USA.