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After a long time I was glued to the television yesterday to watch the India Pakistan cricket match of the 20-20 world cup As always, India Pakistan cricket matches have their own flavor of thrill, suspense, emotions, excitement, a nail biting finish and what not! This is the first 20-20 cricket world cup, where the [...]

On one of the walls of the Shaolin temple in China a fresco can be seen, showing south Indian dark-skinned monks, teaching the light-skinned Chinese the art of bare-handed fighting.

Snake and Ladder is an ancient Indian game which was brought to west by the British in 1892. It was called Mokshapath meaning Path to Salvation. In sanskrit Moksh=Salvation and Path=Path !! Let us understand its basics. The vedic (hindu) belief about life and death is of rebirth. One life form might be reborn as [...]