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The modern education is creating self-centered individuals rather than social-centric ones. This has resulted in a society where individual aspirations take precedence over the social well being.

The difference between Planets and Grahas. Why are Sun and Moon included in the list of Navagrahas? Isn’t it true that Rahu and Ketu do not exist? What about Earth?

The link between the thousands of years old Valmiki Ramayan and the centuries old Sri Venkateshwara Suprabhatam.

In ancient India, women had equal rights to vedic education, study of the veda, yajnopaveetham sacred thread ceremony and gayatri upadesha similar to men.

A comparison of the total number of life forms and species on earth calculated and estimated by modern science and mentioned in the ancient Hindu scriptures and vedic texts.

Explanation of the Vedic concept of the non-dual nature of the Universe of God and Universe being one and the same. Vedic Mahavakyas and Phrases like “Ayam Atma Brahma”, “Ishavasya Midam Sarvam”, “Aham Brahmasmi”, “Brahma satyam jagan mithya”, “Tat Tvam Asi”.

When an expert in field A starts talking about field B in which he lacks expertise – that becomes a Joke.

What is the Nature of Truth? Is Truth Absolute or is it Relative? Is Truth Universal or Local? Is Truth Universally Applicable Fact or is it a Local Social Perception?

Vedic Mathematics Lessons based on the Sutra Ekadhikena Purvena

Ancient Geography and the vastness of India during Vedic Period. The giant continent of Jambudvipa and its nine varshas including Bharathavarsha.