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CategoryHindi Bollywood Movie Songs - Indian & Western Notations
Music Director

Carnatic Raga
Hindustani Raag
Notationssa=s ri=r2 ga=g2 pa=p da=d2
unless and otherwise specified.
mera naam jokerSee Classical Indian Notation Guide for help on how to read these notes.
To convert from Indian to Western notations, see Western Notations Guide
Jaane Kahan Gaye Woh Din
s  r  g p   d S  R   G
C  D  D#G   A C+ D+  D+#

Kehe  te    The Teri Raah Mein
R G   RG    R   Sdp  p  p d
D+D+# D+D+# D+  C+AG G  G A

Nazaron ko hum bichayenge
p p d   p  gr  s p  p  p
G G A   G  D#D C G  G  G

chaahe kaheen bhi tum raho
s   r  g p    d   S   R G
C   D  D#G    A   C+  D+D+#

chaa  hen   ge tumko umr bhar
RG    RG    R  Sd p  p p d
D+D+# D+D+# D+ C+AG  G G A

tumko naa bhuul payenge
p pd  p   gr  s p p  p
G GA  G   D#D C G G  G


Indian Notations
srgrsg r gpr ||Repeat Twice
pdn2dpn2 d n2 R ||Repeat Twice

Western Notations
CDD#DCD# D D#GD ||Repeat Twice
GAA#AGA# A A# D+ ||Repeat Twice

mere kadam jahaan  pade
p p  p d p p SdS   S S
G G  G A G G C+AC+ C+C+

sajde  kiye the     yaar    ne
S RR   R R  GRS     SRG     G
C+D+D+ D+D+ D+#D+C+ C+D+D+# D+#

mujhko rula rula diya
P P P  G3G3 R R  GRS
G+G+G+ E+E+ D+D+ D+#D+C+

jaati huyi       bahaar ne
dS S  d p grgp   p s  s s
AC+C+ A G D#DD#A A C  C C   ||Jaane Kahaan Gaye Woh Din


Indian Notations
dpd p g d
dpd p g
rgpdpgp  ||Repeat the four lines again
S dpg d pgr p grgs

Western Notations
DD#GAGD#G  ||Repeat the four lines again

Notes for below paragraph same as above stanza

apni nazar mein aaj kal
din bhi andheri raat hai
saayaa hi apne saath thaa
saayaa hi apane saath hai
Jaane Kahan Gaye Woh Din - Mera Naam Joker, 8.6 out of 10 based on 13 ratings

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    I love the song notes. Would you kindly post following notes: Sooni jo unke aane ki aahat  (Satyam Shivam Sunderum) and Ye Galiian ye chobara (Prem Rog). Thank you!

  • Sam

    gr8 job guru…………..i need notes of jeena yaha marna yaha iske siva……..plz help me..

  • http://www.facebook.com/link2syed Syed Hussain

    i play bansuri these r perfact notes for bansuri my request is for mannaday gee’s song poocho na kaise manain rain betai this song is based on raag ahir bahirve please help