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CategoryKannada Movie Songs - Indian & Western Notations
Music Director
Hindustani Raag
Notationssa=s ri=r2 ga=g3 pa=p da=d2
unless and otherwise specified.
nagamandalaSee Classical Indian Notation Guide for help on how to read these notes.
To convert from Indian to Western notations, see Western Notations Guide
pdSd pdSd pdSd pdSd

S S R  Sd dp d
p p d  pg gr g
S S p  d d g
gdp g gr rs

Bowed String:
n ss n ss ss
r g   s r g
gpp gpp pp dp dg r
gpp dSS SS
RS RS dS dp
dp dp gp gr
gg d   ppp g r

Ee Hasiru Siriyali Manasu Mareyali Navile
sr g r r  p g g g  d p p  S d d d  S R G
Ninnaangeye Kunive Ninnanteye Nalive
RG RG  R S  R S d  dS dS d p  d p g
Navile  Navile
g r pg g r s

pd SS R S dp d
rg pp d p gr g

G RG S Rd Sp
dS  R G
RG S Rd Sp
D D P   G R G
D   P   G R G
RG S Rd Sp dS R G
RG S Rd Sp dS
Tangali Beeesi Barade
S  S S  S R S  d d d
Saughanda Sukhava Tarade
dS SR  S  d d  p  p p p pddS
Chigureleyu Elli Marave
S  S S S S  SRS  d d dSR
Ninna Gelathi Nanu Moreve
p d   d S R   p p  p p p
Matthyaake Mauna Giliye
p d  S  R  R  R  R R RGS
Sittyake Endu Thiliye
S R G G  R S  S  S S
Hottyake Helu Aliye
p d S R  R R  RR RGS
Guttyake Nanna Baliye
S R G G  R S   S S S
Helire Ni mmanna Naa Henga
SRSRS  dS dS d   pd  pd p
Mareyale   Toreyale
p g r p g  g r s s

g p g p
g d g p
pd SS Rd SS Rd Ss R G R
pd SS Rd SS Rd S  dpgrs

Bowed Strings:
gpd pp  gpd pgs
sgp dS dg p
s d d   pdS d p g
gpd pg pr rg rg rg rg

dd p gr gr
d  p gr gr
dd p gr rg s

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  • Sunil kumar

    Hey please do update some more songs with guitar notes..
    Good work keep it going…