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CategoryKannada Movie Songs - Indian & Western Notations
Music Director

Carnatic Raga
Hindustani Raag
Notationssa=s ri=r2 ma=m1 pa=p ni=n2
unless and otherwise specified.
janma-janmada-anubandhaSee Classical Indian Notation Guide for help on how to read these notes.
To convert from Indian to Western notations, see Western Notations Guide

rmmm Repeats

rmp mpp mp Repeats

mp r m mp
mp r m mp

pS n p
mn p m
r p m r m s
r m r s n p

Paba paba paba
s n  s n  s r

Yava shilpi kanda kanasu neenu
r m  r   s  r  m  r r s  s  s

Yava kaviya prema geethe neenu
r m  r r s  r  m  r  s   s  s

Intha andhavannu  hey hey hey
r m   r s  s s    m   m   m

endhu kane naanu
r m   r s  s  s

pm rs

Innu endhu bidenu ninnanu
sr   s r   r r m  r m  p npmr r grss ||

rm pppppp
mprm pppppp
pnmp nnnnnn
nSnp pppppp

pp nnn pp SSS pp RRR pp MMM

srrr srrr srrr srrr rsnpnmn
nsss nsss nsss nsss snpmprm

rmp mpn pn s s s s

rmr mpm pnp pmmr
rmr mpm pnp pmmr r

Nanagagi banthu thavare hennagi
m m m m  m  p   m  m m  rrmm p

pp p p p

Sogasada jodi naidhile kannagi
m m m m  m p  m  m  m  rrmm p

pp p p p

Nadeyu sogasu nudiyu sogasu
n3p m  n p p  n3p m  n p p

Bayake  thumbidhe manava  seridhe
m p n3S  p   p p   m p n3S  p p p

Ninna mathu keli sothe
m m   m m   m m  m m

Paba paba paba aaaaa aaaaa
m r  m r  m p  pnpmr rmrss  ||Paaba Paba Paba

mp mp mp mp
rmp mpmmr rmp mpmmr
rrs mmr
r rs m mr p pm pmpp

pnSn pnSn pnSn pnSn
rm mp p pm
rm mp p pm
rm mp pn nS p
SSSSR nnnnS ppppn m
mmmr pppm nnnp SSSn S

pRSnpmpn pRSnpmpn pRSnpmpn pRSnpmpn

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