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CategoryTamil Movie Songs - Indian & Western Notations
Music Director
Carnatic Raga
Hindustani Raag
Notationssa=s ri=r2 ga=g3
unless and otherwise specified.
ilayarajaSee Classical Indian Notation Guide for help on how to read these notes.
To convert from Indian to Western notations, see Western Notations Guide

Keyboard Music Notes of the popular three notes only Composition by the great composer Ilayaraja.

In HitXP now I have started publishing videos of playing songs instead of typing down the notes. This would be beneficial to me as well as to the notes lovers. For me it would save time as I have to simply record the video while playing the song and publish the video. For you music lovers it would be more easy to follow the notes on a video by looking at the keys being pressed instead of having to read and interpret the notes and timing.

Additionally you can also now subscribe to my video on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/user/hitxp

Hopefully you all would like this change in format of publishing Keyboard Music Notes. Would love to receive your comments on this.

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