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CategoryTamil Movie Songs - Indian & Western Notations
Music Director
Notationssa=s ra=r2 ga=g2 ma=m1 pa=p da=d1 ni=n2
unless and otherwise specified.
nayaganSee Classical Indian Notation Guide for help on how to read these notes.
To convert from Indian to Western notations, see Western Notations Guide
thenpaaNdi cheemayilae
p   p   m  r   g m m

thaeroadum veedhiyilae
m   m  g   s  r  g g

maan poala vandhavanae
g    g  r  n  s  s s

yaar adichaaroa
p  s  s s

yaar adichaaroa   yaar adicharo
p  s  s s   sgrs  n  s  s s  s

g p m p g m r r g s


g p m p g m r r g s

srg p n dp mdp mdp mgpmr g

vaLarum piRaiyae thaeyaadhey
s r g   r g  s   s r n  n

iniyum azhudhu thaembaadhey
sr g   rg  s   s r  n  n

azhudha manasu thaangaadhey
ns  g   r g s  n s  rs s

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