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Keyboard Notes of Humhe tumse pyar kitna

Movie: Kudrat
Music Director: R D Burman
Singer: Mohammed Rafi
Composed in Hindustani Raag: Bhairavi (Bhairavi Thaat)
Carnatic equivalent Raga: HanumaTodi (Melakartha 8)
Notations: sa=s, ri=r1,ga=g2,ma=m1,pa=p,dha=d1,ni=n2 unless and otherwise mentioned
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m p m g   m  p m g      m n    m g r     m      m  m m m
m p m g   m  p m g      m n    m g r     m      m  m m m
d    p   m        d    p   m
r s r s r s r s r s 

Hamein tumse pyAr  kitna ye hum nahi jAnthe
s     r       g    g   m   m mmm  p   n      p  m  g r m

magar ji nahee sakthe tumhArE binA
n    p    m g  r   m g  r n    n  g     n    g s              || P||  

Suna gham judaayi   ka  u taate   hein log
S   d   S   d   m d S dp  g    d S   dm  g      p

Jaane zindagi   kaise bitaate   hein log
S   d   S d m  dS  dp g   d S   dm  g      p

Din bhi yahaa to lage baras ke sama
g  m p    p  p     p   p p   r   m g  n   r   s    ||P||

Please let me know if any information related to music provided in this site is wrong or misleading as I learnt Carnatic/Hindustani music and keyboard playing on my own by going through various articles in sites like TeluguToranam, etc. Also let me know if there are any typos.

Contact me if you are looking for the notes of any specific song not found in this site. I will try to provide the notes for the same if I have that song, as I can try to play a song in my keyboard only after I hear it :-)

  -by Gurudev
On 26 October 2003

HOMEHome >> Music >> Hindi - Songs

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