I was riding my bike down the street on a late evening.

Vrooom! Two missiles flew by!

There were bombs set off all around..

Right in front of me two big ones went off.

Could hear Bofors guns firing continuously in the next street..

As I continued to ride, I had to zig zag to avoid the land mines laid all along!

Two small kids were doing some research on rocket launching, analysing the cause for a failed rocket launch!

Some other kids were patrolling the streets with loaded guns!

It was like in the midst of a war zone! Probably second world war looked like this?

Or does it sound like a normal scene in Afghanistan/Iraq?

Nope, just another way of describing the festival of lights in India – Diwali or Deepavali :)

Loads and loads of crackers were burnt making the night sky colorful! Yes, a lot of NOISE pollution was there too.. If some cracker didn’t work, people were heard making fun saying probably it must be Made in China ;)

It was a heaven on earth with lamps lighted everywhere in the evenings. Hindus believe that lighting lamps is auspicious and putting off a lighted lamp as inauspicious. Lamp gives light and light represents knowledge. Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya , an ancient vedic quote which prays to god to lead us from darkness towards light, from ignorance towards knowledge.

Today is the last and final day of Deepavali. And we all had a wonderful festive time :)

Deepavali celebrations in India
An Indian girl lighting Diwali lamps

Diwali celebrations in India