One in every two people on this planet is a woman. Happy Women’s Day to all :)

No, this blog post is not yet another discussion about feminism or about the rights of women. There is nothing to discuss or debate about it.

Men, their rights, nothing more.
Women, their rights, nothing less.

Happy women’s day to all women out there. Let every day be a woman’s day in the real sense.

Once again let me reiterate. One in every two people on this planet is a woman. Half of rest of them is also a woman!
Meaning? Men are 50-50!
Every woman is 100% woman, but every man is only 50% man! How?

Because women have both female chromosomes XX, where as men have only one male chromosome, and the other is a female chromosome XY ;)

I believe that if the world has to live in peace, if there are to be no wars, if the society has to prosper, then there should be more and more women inside the houses.
Okie, now before I am labelled anti-feminist or a male-chauvenist – I didnt mean more and more women should stay at home. I meant more and more women should be there in the lower and upper houses of the parliament, in the political class, so that there are less wars and more of good governance. But not as proxies for their husbands please.

Margaret Thatcher once said describing women in politics,
“If you want something said, ask a man, if you want something done, ask a woman.”

The history of women has been a history of oppression of one sex over the other. Take the very word history. Why cant it be herstory? or atleast in terms of equatlity – theirstory ? Why ‘history’ instead?

If women play a particular game then we attach a prefix ‘women’s’ to it. We have women’s hockey, women’s cricket, etc. Why not then call the other as men’s hockey, men’s cricket etc? As somebody said once “How good should a female athlete be before we call her just an athlete?”.

Parents talk about raising their daughter like a son, why doesnt anybody talk about raising their son like a daughter?

Anything else? Yes, about the item number songs that have become a part and parcel of movies these days. I keep wondering sometimes, wont the girls feel sick seeing their gender being treated like a pleasure object for men in these songs? On seeing these songs doesnt a girl feel like a jew reading a nazi manual? It surprises to me how come so many girls watch these item numbers without any hard feelings. Hope this is not the kind of freedom women talk about, about exposing and exhibiting without restrictions!

And finally, its not necessary to be anti-man to be pro-woman. Being a woman should be a positive attitude. Let there be more women in the future who become the men they wanted to marry, I mean let more and more women get opportunities to achieve as much as men do. Let there be as many sheroes as there are heroes :)

There would be no birthday without them.
There would be no children’s day without them.
There would be no father’s day without them.
There would he no valentine’s day without them.
Happy Woman’s Day once again to all of them.

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