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Random beats – Seldom heard

Was playing some random drums on my synthesizer today and then in the end when I tried to play some other earlier recording of mine, it started writing to memory all that I had played till then. Then realized that I had turned the recording option on.

When we consciously switch on the recording option , we will be careful not to make any mistakes while playing and will try to stick to the basics as much as possible, where as when we are randomly playing things for ourselves, it will be lot more fun and creative(?!).

I have shared some of those random beats of mine below. If music is what feelings sound like, these drums are what sounds feel like!

Warning: Over exposure to noise (like the one below) is injurious to health and might result in a severe head ache. Listen at your own risk :)

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  1. Thanks Kislay!
    Instrument is just the means.. If you have a passion for music just buy an instrument which you would love to play.. and it will be just a matter of time before you can talk to the instrument in its language..
    I am not formally trained in music. just bought a synthesizer some 3 years back and started playing on my own, n got a hold of it.. passion is the key..
    play the music not the instrument ;)

  2. Dear Gurudev,

    The Vedic Science is not the preserve of mere Bharatvanshi’s but for the good of entire humanity. Generations of my family have dedicated their lives to spreading the true Vedic Bhashya’s. Shri Rishi Kumar Mishra, who happens to be the Shishya of my great grandfather Vedvachaspati Pdt. Shri Mtilal Shastri is doing a lot of work to make the Veda Vigyan accessible to general people. In this direction he has written four book’s revealing the true secrets taught to him by my Great Grandfather and his own learning’s in the journey of life and self-contemplation. I am indebted to his efforts. You can get more information about this on: http://www.vediceye.com/

    ‘Shri Gurushambhi-kembhyo Namah!’

  3. Again amazing information Anirudh.. please ensure that all the knowledge you have on this subject gets propagated down the generations.. there exists a deeper connection here answering all the modern mysteries of physics :)
    Thanks a lot for sharing this valuable information with us.

  4. Dear Guru,

    Sound is one of the basic creative forces that is behind all creation. The five basic energies have been describes as roop-ras-gandha-sparsha-shabda. They are far smaller then renu’s which are billionth of the size of atoms. Infact, they are not materialistically perceivable. The sound in the form of “”Wak”” in all Jeeva’s within our Solar System comes from Sun which gets the same from Parmeshthi System. Its the manifestation of “”Shabda””. The continous Yajnya of Soma at 21st Stoma re-creates the five energies of parmeshthi. One of which is “”Shabda”” or Mantra’s. The Vedic Mantra’s follow the same philosophy of limiting syllable’s in a chanda or meter to create energy packets that help natural energies emanating from Sun to travel in the interspace like a path way or platform for travelling. The modern scientists have found a concept called “”The String Theory””. Its is nothing but Shabda, and they will also find other four in time. If we close our eyes, ears, nose and mouth for some moment and try to pronounce “”Om””, we can easily connect with the energy of Wak coming from Parmeshthi via Surya.

    Hopefully I am able to convey the concepts of vedic vigyan in an appropriate manner. I am trying to make the concepts as close to the encoded menaing, yet I owe an apology to all revered seer scientists for any mistake that I may have commited.


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