One of the greatest music directors ever, the one and the only Maestro Ilayaraja.

Below is a beautiful composition by this great man, the uniqueness of this tune being that its composed using only three notes of an octave.

In other words, out of the sa, ri, ga, ma, pa, da, ni notes, Ilayaraja has used only three notes ie sa, ri and ga.

In western music this becomes equivalent to composing a tune using only C,D,E notes of the octave.

See how beautiful and catchy the tune is, and also the wonderful orchestration.

Ilayaraja before becoming an independent music director, had worked with the famous Kannada music director G K Venkatesh, who said about Ilayaraja that,

What else can I wish in my life, when God has already given me such a wonderful student in the form of Ilayaraja!

He also said, An Ilayaraaja number is overshadowed only by another Ilayaraja number!

So enjoy the music

Inspired by Ilayaraja, I had attempted to compose a tune using only two notes. I had used only sa and pa, which in western style is like using only C and G notes of the octave in a tune.

You can check it out here .

Below is another beautiful composition by Ilayaraja from the Tamil movie Agni Nakshatram,
Neth illai Naale illai Eppavum Na Raja – Forever Ilayaraya is THE KING

Now below is another beautiful Ilayaraja composition in Kannada sung by Dr.Rajkumar and S Janaki. Look at the beauty of this song which touches so many ragas!