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Mile Sur Mera Tumhara

Remember those wonderful days of our childhood? When the great video song Mile Sur Mera Tumahra symbolizing the cultural and linguistic diversity of India and the unity in that diversity, used to evoke the wonderful feeling of Indianness and pride every time we listened to this beautiful song.

An Indian National Integration video whose melody resides deep inside the heart and minds of Indians.

The song is titled called Ek Sur or One Tune. A single tune sung by an entire nation marked with its great unity in diversity. First aired on August 15 1988, the 40th year of Indian Independence.

The song which contains lyrics from all major languages of India! A song whose lyrics are not restricted to one language, but are spread across the entire nation.

Mile Sur Mera Tumhara to sur bane hamara in Hindi means If I and you sing with the same tune then the tune becomes ours, implying Unity in diversity, and the same meaning has been rendered by the lyrics of all other major Indian languages in this song.

The song which contains beautiful video from the cultures and geographies across the country.

The song which every Indian is familiar with. You can download the audio of this song here .
The song whose music is as diverse as the country itself. Starts with a slow rendering by the great Hindustani vocalist Pandit Bhim Sen Joshi, picks up speed and moves across all languages, cultures, musical variations, and ends up fading in an amazing harmony with the final notes of the national anthem of India. Beautiful composition to which all major artists of the late 80s cutting across Indian languages have donated their voices to, a song in which all major Indian movie stars of the time across languages and states have participated in.

The video below is that of Mile Sur Mera Tumhara created on the eve of 40th anniversary of Indian Independence in 1988. I had to search a bit more to get a high quality version of this song on youtube

The video below is that of Vandemataram Revival, called Maa Thuje Salaam meaning I salute you my mother (India) by the great Indian music director A R Rehman, created on the eve of India’s 50th anniversary of Independence in 1998.

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  1. the important thing i noticed while listening today is that without any english lyrics this looks so beautiful composition abosolutely representing the indianness….its a ever green composition..

  2. I have good quality video of Lata Mangeshkar’s version of vande Mataram directed by Bharat Bala. want to put it up here?

    p.s. nice blogroll going on here. will join discussion soon :)

  3. I love that song, Mile Sur Mera Tumhara, unfortunately, I am not able to find a high quality video on youtube… probably because it is so old…. anyway I am happy someone still has it… a very deep and meaningful song… and so was Maa Tujhe Salam… still rings loud and clear… one of the most beautiful description on India and Indian-ness ever…


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