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A Musical Journey through God’s Own Country

Kerala, a beautiful south Indian state also known as God’s own country for its natural beauty.

Enjoy the glimpses of this beautiful place which apart from being one of the greatest places still preserving ancient Indian culture and practices like the medical system of Ayurveda, the beautiful dance form of Kathakkali, arts like Kalaripayattu- the mother of all marital arts , etc also contains a major part of Indian Thorium reserves

The lyrics and background music of the first half of the video is based on beautiful Sanskrit hymn called Sri Thotakashtakam composed in the beautiful ancient Indian classical music system. These hymns were composed by Thotakachaarya, one of the four disciples of Adi Shankaracharya , a great vedic philosopher who also happens to be from Kerala.

The background music of the second half of the video contains a song in Malayalam, the language of Kerala. I dont know Malayalam, so it would be great if somebody can explain what the second half means. I assume that it is praising the beauty/greatness of Kerala.

Enjoy the music along with the beauty of Kerala.

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  1. Gurudev,

    Last March, I finally accomplished my long term desire to see South India. Rented a car and driver made a trip from Banglore to Tirupati,  Madurai, Rameshwaram, Kanyakumari, through Kerela State, Mysore and to Goa and then took a train to Mumbai.  I was really impressed with the State of Kerala. I wish I had more time to spend time in the South. The “Photo gallery” on my web-site: pvjoshi.ca captures this precious moments and sites which will stay in our hearts for ever, indeed “God’s Place.        

  2. Thats the sea food of Kerala.
    Kerala being a predominantly coastal state is also known for its sea food.
    Even though I am a vegetarian by chance and choice, I think food habits are a matter of personal choice, many a times dictated by environment.
    Some people in coastal region consider fish to be vegetarian food!
    While some consider mushroom to be non-vegetarian food!


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