Only Sa Pa

I am a great fan of the music maestro Ilayaraja

Today somewhere read that he had once composed a song using only three swaras.. or the three keys.. i.e sa re ga in classical Indian music.. or in western notations C, D and E

Got inspired by this great gifted musician and I composed a tune with only two swaras
My tune contains only Sa and Pa.. or in western notations only C and G

This tune is dedicated to the same great music wonder called Ilayaraja.. Listen to it below.. it starts without any beats.. then have added some beats after a prelude

As I said I have used only Sa Pa Sa Pa.

I think the tune could be still improved. Do you like it? Or do you think otherwise?

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  1. Raghu
    I dont compose using MIDI inputs because it doesnt sound natural to me. I do composing using my Yamaha keyboard and record it in wav format and then convert it to mp3 or any required format.

  2. hello guru. gud work man. can u plz tell me whether u used any software to compose or u used instruments?? if u used any such software or if u know any can u please give me details.

  3. Shweta
    I think you are not able to see the link because audio streaming is probably blocked.
    I have updated the post with a link to download the related mp3 file :)

  4. Thanks Kailas,
    Actually I composed and edited this tune in about 30 minutes, on a weekend :)
    Yes will make the tune even better and more professional as soon as I get some time, reedit the music and upload it :)

  5. excellent work…though therez some lack of melody in d tune, d fact is its really difficult to do music with 2 notes…i really appreciate d effort taken by u..keep goin..all d best:-)

  6. Thanks Harsha
    But its not four.. its only two.. I have used only sa and pa of an octave!!
    We consider number of notes only within an octave.. bcos other octaves are just a variation in the pitch.. same with ilayara song too.. its only in three notes… if you consider across octaves it bcomes 9 notes!


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