Based on the astronomical dating of the events described in the original ancient Valmiki Ramayana and using modern software to date the planetary positions, Pushkar Bhatnagar of the Indian Revenue Service has accurately dated the events in Ramayana.

As per this research the birth date of Rama is on January 10, 5114 BC !

Dates of the historical events were mentioned in the texts by the ancient Indian authors via the method of astronomical dating where the planetary and stellar positions on the day(night!) of the event were mentioned. This ensures that even after millenia one can get back to the actual date on which the event occurred, because when we have multiple events mentioned in a historical text with astronomical dating, its almost impossible to get more than one date for the collection of all these events! At the same time astronomical dating also validates the event itself because for multiple events to be accurately specified a person had to be either present on those days to record the event, (The other alternative being if the text is a myth, then the author has to take all the pain in this world to calculate the stellar and planetary positions for the events of the dates mentioned in his work, which is possible only by modern software. Also, why on earth would a myth need real dates unless and until there is some conspiracy for the future! )

The method of astronomical dating has another scientific advantage. No need of a calendar like Gregorian or Caesarian or whatever. If tomorrow say few thousand years deep in the future, if some other system of calendar is used, then what is the proof that how long back or when exactly had I written this article? 2007 indicates nothing unless and until one actually knows the Gregorian calendar! Astronomical dating on the other hand has no such problems!

Read the interview and the article here. To find archaeological evidences of over 7000 years old history, one needs to dig at least 60 meters deep at the historical sites, and our ASI has not gone beyond 5 meters at the Ayodhya site!!

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The Research work could be purchased here  – Dating the Era of Lord RAM

Whether sweet or sour, History should only be read as it is, it should not be written to match our taste.

History should only be read, not written

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