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How to identify Macaulay infection?

An obvious trait of Macaulay infected people- try to discredit anything and everything which is attributed to the Indian civilization or Indians, unless and until it comes from the mainstream books and textbooks.

Even for those inventions or discoveries which mainstream books say that “probably Indians invented or discovered it”, the infected minds will read the meaning as “Indians did not invent or discover it”. They won’t even consider the possibility that it might as well be “Indians indeed invented or discovered it”.

What’s even more striking is that they won’t even consider inventions or discoveries which were earlier attributed to non-Indians, but later found to be of Indian origin. Examples are Theorem named after Pythagoras, invention of Radio etc.

So what is Macaulay infection? Common sense which has been shaped around textbooks and mainstream books, with an obvious bias against anything which goes against the mainstream version.

Why isn’t it good? Because History is always written by the winners. And most of what we study as History, especially in India, is modeled around the self-proclaimed superiority of western civilization which was introduced via the English education system in India.

Given the fact that the British looted enormous of wealth from India, it is anybody’s guess why would they spend their money on introducing English education in India, while the Sanskrit based Gurukul education system was already well established across the country creating social-centric individuals.

Education is not the same as Schooling

Common Sense is the set of prejudices acquired by the age of 18 – Albert Einstein

The only reason of introducing English education in India was to create a pool of slaves with the knowledge of English, who could be employed at throw away salary to do all the clerical work for the colonial establishment, and who also have been “educated” (brain washed) to believe that all the science and mathematics comes from the civilized west, who are the saviors of India, who made Indians “civilized” and saved the country from blind faith, superstition, ignorance and what not.

All this given the facts like

  • Till Herodotus introduced Cotton from India to Greece in 5th century BCE calling it “Tree Wool”, Europeans used to dress using animal hides and fur. (Read, Histories of Herodotus)
  • Greek satirist Lucian said in second century that “Goddess of Philosophy, first descended on Indians”- implying Greek philosophy has its roots in Indian Philosophy.
  • Europeans learnt the Place value system and Zero on which the entire modern Mathematics is based on,  from its original inventors – the ancient Indians
  • It was the Europeans who were desperate to trade with India when Ottoman Turks captured Constantinople blocking the land based trade route from Europe to India in 1453, and so started making attempts to discover alternate sea based routes to India from Europe, which eventually led to the discovery of America by Columbus. Europeans were desperate to seek an alternate route with India when Constantinople fell, not the Indians.
  • Vasco Da Gama did not discover the sea route to India, Indians were already trading with Africa and South East Asia via high seas centuries before Vasco Da Gama set out to discover a sea route to India. It was in fact an Indian merchant in Africa who showed the Sea route to India to the Vasco Da Gama’s ship.
  • Before the introduction of Sugar from India, Honey was the only sweetener used in Europe. Darius, the King of Persia who invaded India at around 510 BCE was fascinated when he tasted this “Reed which gives Honey without Bees“. Alexander’s army tasted it in India in 326 BCE.
  • When Europe was living in Stone Age, advanced civilizations were flourishing in India. In European History 3000 BCE is Stone Age, Mahabharatha took place at around the same time in India, and Ramayana atleast 2000 years before that!
  • A lot of mainstream English words themselves have their roots in Sanskrit! – See Sanskrit roots of English words
  • Till 18th century India clothed the whole world supplying almost all of world textile demands.
  • India was the only source of diamonds in the entire world for thousands of years till diamonds were discovered in Brazin in 1725. All the world’s greatest ancient diamonds are from Indian mines.
  • Indian economy accounted for nearly 25% of total world manufacturing output just before British colonized India, this was reduced to 2% when the British left India in 1947.

And all this is just the tip of the iceberg. Now a bit about the civilized behavior of the Europeans in those days

  • Prosecute Galileo for saying Earth moves, didn’t happen in ancient India.
  • Burn Giardano Bruno alive for supporting Copernican Theory, didn’t happen in ancient India when sun-centric system was first proposed.
  • Exterminate the natives in America, Australia
  • Practice racial discrimination in the form of Apartheid in Africa
  • Use the loot of Bengal in 1757 after the Battle of Plassey in India to finance the Industrial Revolution in Britain
  • Kill millions in India by exporting all the Wheat and Rice to Britain during the great famine of 1870s in India
  • Destroy the natural cattle based agriculture of India, promoting pesticides and chemical fertilizers
  • Transport millions of Indians to other British colonies like Fiji, Mauritius, Malaya, Africa, America etc, to work as slaves.
  • Chop off hands of Indian weavers from Bengal to destroy the Indian weaving industry and promote textiles imported from Britain
  • World’s first concentration camps were not the ones which Germans setup during World War II, but the ones which British setup in Africa during the Boer Wars
  • Loot precious jewels, diamonds from India and stack it up in the museums in Britain
  • Not to mention the British atrocities on the freedom fighters of India
  • and many more…

The British rule in India was no different from the Nazi rule in Germany. So before lecturing next time about the Greatness of the British Empire, make sure you have done your home work. It was no different than the Nazi Empire.

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  1. infact it is also a major propaganda to denounce Nazi regime by the same wicked Europeans. the fact is that Hitler was a great leader and the Nazi regime bears true welfare cum socialist ideologue. also, the holocaust is till today , a big hoax perpetrated by the immoral noxious europeans.

  2. History is always written by winners. So true. Even within India that’s what happens. When Congress wins they write something and then BJP comes and rewrites everything. And then Congress comes back and rolls them all back. :)

    Yes, I have been thinking about the Macaulay effect of late too. It’s too late to get rid of it. More than anything else, their language has become so indispensable in India that we would never be able to get back to our roots. As long as the medium of instruction is English in our schools, I am afraid we won’t be able to be or become ourselves.

  3. Western thoughts and culture have influenced Indian minds in such a manner that we’ve lost our actual Identity. We seem to have adapted ourselves to the situations as it came and were when series of invasion was taking place in India since 12th century.

    It’s time for us (Indians) to purge out all our memories and think afresh. Think we don’t need anything new or different b’coz our ancestors were much superior and advanced than what we are today. They had it all available to us but we chose not to accept it which resulted in Devolution. Are we happy living in despair today? Or shall we strive to uncover the myth and discover the possibilities of Evolution.

    Remember the western thesis says Mankind has evolved after ages. Have we really evolved? May be, but not India and Indians.

  4. Have any of you guys read the book The Krishna Key and The Chanakya Chants By Ashwin Sanghi.??
    …….It also is based around this truth…especially the importance of ancient India in Ancient world and its impact on modern World…

  5. it is true that all mathematics theorem, biology, medicine, surgery,administration ,astrophysics , physics, chemistry are given by indian. by taking the theory they modified it.but the education we read is given by western scientist.for example who invented aeroplane. each kid will say rightbrothers. because it is only western influance. actually aeroplane is invented by an marathi scientist shivkar bapuji talpade. the rightbrothers stole the design and named asif they invented. they are enomourus example what this country has given to the world.


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