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The ancient Indian vedas (vedic texts) are the most ancient literature known in the world.

Dating of the vedas and vedic culture

The dates of these vedas, especially that of Rig Veda as we read in the text books today is given as 1500-1200 BCE! What is the science/research behind this dating? What was the data based on which people came to this conclusion? Who came to this conclusion?

Interesting questions! And the answers to these questions reveal the biggest jokes created by some of the so called self designated historians.

Some time back I had written an article on the Astronomical Dating of the Vedas . The approach was pretty simple. Use some of the astronomical data mentioned in these vedic texts and calculate the dates based on this data. The data used was not complicated either, just a simple information mentioned in the vedas about the constellation in which the sun rised on the vernal equinox! This data could have been used by anybody with a basic knowledge of astronomy (especially the precession cycle) to calculate the dates of vedic texts within an accuracy of about 2000 years! And these calculations show dates between approx 6000 to 4000 BCE! Even the archaeological dating of the currently extinct Saraswati river (which is mentioned in the vedic texts) dates back to the same period.

Yet, Max Muller, the German funded by the British administrator Macaulay (who was a member of the Supreme Council of British that came to India in 1834) translated the vedas without any real literary knowledge of Sanskrit, and arrived at his own interpretations which suited the colonial interests of the british then, as well as with the prejudice of declaring European supremacy all over the world, and also with an intention of fitting things together so as to prove the historical accuracy of the biblical events.

Macaulay had got funds sanctioned from the British parliament to educate Indians and teach them the European version of History and to brain wash the future Indian generations into believing that the Indian culture, heritage and history is Nothing compared to the European supreme culture. For this he appointed Max Muller as the historian (actually as a Storian!) to write the text book version of Indian history!
This was how English educated started in India :)

Muller and his dating

How did Max Muller arrive at the date of 1200 BCE for Rigveda?

According the then prevalent Christian belief (taught even today in some of the western schools run by evangelists!), God created the universe in 4004 BCE! Muller strongly believed in this and chose 2448 BCE as the date of the biblical flood. Then he allowed 1000 years for the water to subside!! Now how can he allow vedas or anything to be dated before these events, that would go against his beliefs! So he assigned a rough date of 1200 BCE to the Rigveda, the oldest HE CAN ALLOW without compromising HIS BELIEFS!

This was the kind of science(!), research(!) done by these western scholars to date the vedas :)

Muller and his theory

Max Muller also came up with a fake Aryan invasion theory , declaring that Indians were originally Europeans who migrated to India and this was declared without ANY scientific evidence. Let me repeat, there is no scientific evidence for this migration TILL TODAY and theory has been completely ruled out . The theory was put up because it gave the Europeans the moral authority to rule India by saying that even Indians were originally Europeans. The only link they had at that time between Europeans and Indians was Sanskrit which was discovered as the root of all Indo-European languages, which of course is a fact. But no way does this prove the Aryan migration theory.
In fact, today the studies indicate that it was from ancient India that civilization spread to the rest of the world! Else there is no way one can explain the roots of modern European languages in ancient Indian Sanskrit! Many researchers have said that people from India migrated to the rest of the world! In other words a reverse Aryan migration theory! It is called the Out of India theory.

But I have a different take on this. A closer look at the ancient texts suggests that the confusion (which requires migration either way) is because we are trying to associate a limited geographical area (of modern India) to the ancient civilizational geography (of vedic civilization) and then trying to explain the similarity (linguistic, cultural, geographical etc) that exists all over the world in terms of this limited geography (of modern India).

The reality is that the ancient vedic civilization was spread out all over the world. When I say spread out, it does not mean a reverse migration from India to rest of the world. Instead, it means that DURING the vedic age, the vedic culture was present all over the world!

Ancient India

The geography of ancient India was not the geography of modern India. The ancient vedic culture was spread all over the world and the history of ancient India is the history of the ancient world.

The land described as Jambudvipa in the vedic texts is not the geography of modern India. It is the entire land mass to the north of equator consisting of modern Asia, Europe, North America, Africa! It is to be noted that, the description also says that in those days the land mass was continuous between africa and north america! This was long before the great floods at the end of Mahabharata!

Jambudvipa was divided into nine territories called Varshas and Bharatha varsha was just one such varsha! Again Bharatha varsha was not modern India alone.
Modern India was referred in those days as Bharatha Khanda (which spread from Himalayas to Kanyakumari), which was only a part of Bharatha Varsha and this Bharatha Varsha was the entire stretch of northern hemisphere from 27 degrees east of Greenwich to 127 degrees east of Greenwich. (Will give detailed references to all this data in the coming posts)

To the north of Bharatha Varsha was the Kimpurusha varsha and above it was the Hari Vasha. Above Hari Varsha was the Ilavrita varsha which was the northern most part of Jambudvipa with North pole at the center of this varsha! Note that people lived in the north pole in those days! Another information to date the vedic civilization! Present pacific ocean was called Bhadravasa varsha.

Further down south on the other side of the planet below Ilavrita varsha was Ramyaka Varsha and to the south of it was Hiranyaka varsha. Below it was Kuru Varsha which was exactly on the other side of the planet compared to Bharatha Varsha. So when it was day in Bharata varsha, it was night in Kuru varsha! (Will present a map of ancient vedic world in the future posts)

Civilizational Searches

In other words ancient Indian civilization was spread all over the world in those days. And there were numerous kingdoms all across the world then (just like we have countries today)! As simple as that. Mahabharata war was a world war in those days. (Will provide a detailed information about the geo-political scenario of those days in future posts)
And this fact is also supported by the view that in the vedic texts there is no mention of any other civilizations or culture other than the vedic cultures that existed in other parts of the world. Nor have we today discovered any other civilization which dates back 8000 or 10000 years back in history!!

The other earliest known civilization is the Sumerian civilization (dated to around 2900 BCE), and all modern western scholars have suddenly stopped their research there and refuse to look any more further back into the past before Sumerian civilization! Why?

Initially the Europeans thought that Roman and Greek civilizations were the root of all humanity, then it was found that the Egyptian Civilization existed much before that, so they started patching up new stories there, in the mean while Sumerian civilization was discovered which was even more ancient, and any further research would reveal the ancient Vedic civilization which existed at the root of entire humanity.

All available material and info clearly indicate that Sumerian civilizaion was indeed another vedic civilization and further research would only lead to a conclusion that ancient Indian vedic civilization is the root of all human civilizations (More about this later). Hence there has been no further research in the west on this. But today the east is rising again and will unlike the west, treat all equally and will also reveal the truth, the true history of human past. Because even we know how to do research :)

Only unbiased people with basic common sense and without any prejudice could see the facts clearly and one of those such great personalities is the American writer Mark Twain who had declared that
India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grand mother of tradition.