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For a change, lets have a unique quiz ;)

Where do most of the meteorites hit on earth?

No no, its not a general knowledge question. Its a common sense question, where this sense is common only amongst the Indian explorers!

So, once again..

Where do most of the meteorites hit on earth?

Where else? Of course on the roads of India! Look at the craters that keep coming up so frequently.

The municipal corporation tars the road, and within months, sometimes within weeks there are impact craters surfaced again!

Poor municipal corporations in India, they have to frequently keep repairing the roads.

To have a moon like experience, drive on the Indian roads and you will feel ON MOON! Wonder why some people are coughing up millions for a simple 5 minutes space trip, when one can get a complete Lunar Experience Package here ;)

Bad roads
Width of your vehicle is always > largest distance between two neighboring craters

Next question,

What is the most famous game played in the Indian roads by the riders/drivers during a rainy season?

Well, its called Crater Hunting !

The rain water will be all over the road. Now the mystery is that you dont know as to whether the road is intact beneath the water or if it is a crater!
You mistake a crater for a road, then you land in the crater, Splash!

So be careful and make sure that you play this minesweeper (oops cratersweeper) game well.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall!

Bad Street
A recent impact crater. See the intact neighborhood

Now the third question.

If it has rained the previous night, w hat should you wear on a monday morning when going to the office on a two wheeler?

Jeans of course! No formals please, which otherwise would anyway get painted into casuals by the time you reach office! Remember the crater hunting game? Jeee Booom Baaa

Street with potholes

Question #4

What is the war game that some uncivilized drivers/riders play in the evening roads of India?

Its called, beam striking . It basically involves driving always with your high beams on, so as to blind the driver of every approaching vehicle and challenge his ability to drive, forcing him to drive purely based on his past knowledge of the road!

It may appear that many of these drivers are well educated, with great jobs, etc but actually they are a devolutionized form of the human species.

Bad driving with headlights on
Indicates a monkey in the driver’s seat

Last and of course the least question:

What has Y S R Reddy alias Y Samuel Rajashekar Reddy, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh got to do with all this?

Well, earlier when Chandra Babu Naidu became the chief minister of AP, he had made it compulsory for all government servants to punch in their cards at 9.30 am. YSR as soon as he became the CM in 2004, in the very first week, he canceled this order!

Why? To add unlimited buffer time for crater delays, because anyway nobody works in the government offices, at least not ON TIME ;)

Now check what your score means:

0 Correct answers – Either you don’t drive/ you are not Made in India
1 correct answer – You just started learning to drive on your own
2 correct answers – You haven’t yet paid more than a few 100 bucks to the traffic cops
3 correct answers – You press the accelerator 5 seconds before the lights turn green, and never apply the breaks till 3 seconds after the lights turn red
4 correct answers – Congrats! You are an expert on the Indian roads. No laws exist for you!
All 5 correct answers – So you are a government servant maintaining these roads?

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  1. Are you joking about the meteors causing the holes?

    Because the holes in the streets are often caused by bad pavement, heavy traffic, and often the rain.
    And meteors disintegrate before they reach the surface of earth, and when they dont, they end up being the size of golf balls.

    Now, im not sure if you truly believe that those are craters or not, i cant ever tell with you….

  2. Srik / R
    Yes, for a change, considering all the hot topics being discussed/debated in this blog, I intended to write a funny one :)

    Yes you are right.. and that speed recognizer thing clearly proves how these comedians are wasting the tax payers money!

    Ruchi, thanks for the comments!

  3. Forgot to add one more thing, A month ago i read an article in some telugu news paper that…its bit funny…Govt bought speed recognizers by spending good amount of money. then, they realized that it is not useful . bcoz govt has not imposed speed limit checks for each road.So,how come a driver know what is the speed limit of particular road..haha :)

    • Well this is how the politicians get paid. Unless they spend money on such things how can they make some thing on kickbacks. Its not they are foolish people working, these guyz are actually very smart.

  4. Absoutely correct. We should blame both govt and common people.
    How many of us really know all the driving rules?Most of the guys pass the written test and driving test very easily through bribe-paying.Even the written exam does not cover all use cases. To be frank,Many of us dont know when to use what?? when low beams?when high beams? what is the speed limit on which road etc.
    I feel we are atleast 50 years behind other developed countries . Civic sense and social responsibility is almost zero.
    Govertment has to impose all these? First governement has to try to eradicate corruption.Force the people to pay taxes properly,build good and durable roads,make people aware of rules and regulations and enforce people to develop civic sense.

  5. Well written .You should bar Bangalore road & Mysore roads
    where meteors never strike at all. tigers or tigress Indians
    We need to have lord of road engineerings. Or learn the history of Incas people with greatness in road engineering.

    Its municipal mayor ‘s control for – 5 correct answers ,yes minus five


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