Rajinikanth is no ordinary man and so when we talk about Rajini Sir’s website, it cannot be yet another ordinary website either.

So what is so extra ordinary about Rajini Sir’s website? http://www.allaboutrajni.com/

Guess what? This website runs only on Rajni Power and requires no Internet connection.

The moment you visit this website it will ask you to switch off your internet connection to proceed entering the website. And make no mistake, you are not allowed to enter this website till you disconnect your internet connection.

And once you switch off your internet connection, only then will the website detect that there is no Internet connection and Rajini Power kicks in after that – you will be able to enter the website and start browsing information about Rajinikant.

And while browsing the website if you by mistake turn on your Internet connection again, then Rajini power warns you again, no Internet connection please, for this is no ordinary website.

A very good creative concept, for an extraordinary man, the web designers have used flash to preload the website content and to try downloading content to detect if the Internet connection is on or off – and provides very good information about the legend Rajinikanth.

Rajinikanth - The Real Hero

For those who are unaware of Rajini’s powers, here is a sample list.

The only person in this world who knows the answer to ‘Why this kolaveri di?’ is Rajnikanth.

Rajini Sir did his Kindergarten in seven different schools, and today those schools are called IITs. Government of India pays tax to Rajnikanth for living in India. Solar eclipse is the phenomenon that occurs when Rajnikanth stares at the Sun, and then the Sun hides behind the Moon. If Michael Jackson did Moon Walk, Rajini has done Sun Walk.

Internet was born when one day Rajini Sir decided that he will share 1% of his knowledge with the world. Earthquakes occur when anybody attempts to make a call to Rajnikanth’s mobile which is in vibration mode. Pyramids of Egypt were actually his primary school kraft projects. Rajinikanth started speaking as soon as he was born, and the first few words he spoke became the Oxford dictionary.

Rajini was approached to star in Mission Impossible before Tom Cruise, but he refused because he saw the title of the movie insulting. Himalayas are raising because Rajini Sir lives in Chennai, the lever effect. Teacher’s day is the day on which Rajini started teaching Superman, Spiderman, Batman, etc.

Rajinikanth once got a question paper with 1000 questions saying solve any 10. Rajini wrote answers to all 1000 and wrote in the end to the answer sheet valuer, “Check ANY 10” . Once he used the support of a building to tie his shoe lace, and today that building is called the leaning tower of Pisa. Once Rajnikanth told a joke to a person, and since then that person became famous as ‘Laughing Buddha’. British left India on knowing that Rajini sir was about to be born.

One day Rajini Sir decided to make two parallel lines intersect and he stared at them. Both space and time have been warped ever since after that, but Einstein came to the conclusion that poor Newton was wrong. So Rajini decided to teach something new to Einstein. A 100 meter race was held and obviously Rajinikanth came first. After that Einstein went into deep shock because light came second in the race.

Some of the Rajinikanth’s hobbies are playing cricket using blackholes, swimming in Tsunamis, etc. Only he can whistle and smile at the same time, sneeze without closing his eyes, the last time he sneezed a part of earth was thrown out into space and is called Moon today. Twitter follows Rajni and Rajni award goes to Oscar. Nobody can claim that I was born on the same day as Rajini Sir, because his birthday comes on February 30, and ever since February has been losing days slowly and now even February 29 comes once in four years.

And the news is that, Rajinikanth’s first biography will be released on Dec 21, 2012 – which for the rest of the world is a doomsday because ancient Mayan’s knew about Rajini and hence had designed their calendar accordingly.

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