Kadalekaayi is groundnut, Timepass kadalekaayi is.

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A day without fusion is like a day without sunshine!

Why? Because sun wont shine without nuclear fusion :)

And a day without sunshine is like a night without day!

Why? Because without sun shining bright, there wont be any day light, and without day light, it will be all night night night!

Day and night are the breath of earth.

When we breath we inspire,

when we dont???

we expire!!!!!

We need oxygen to breath, but somebody said there is no oxygen in west bengal!

Why is that??? Because, breathable oxygen exists only in a free state!

Electrons! A lot of them exist in free state.. electricity is the flow of free electrons!

The monitor requires electricity to run, and so this entire article has been written using recycled electrons.

We also use recycled coffee cups.. but we dont use recycled milk in that coffee..

and whats the best way to safely store that milk so that it doesnt turn sour?

Well, store the milk in the cow itself!

Cow’s milk makes one unusually intelligent..

how? there was a student who drank cow’s milk everyday and gave unusually intelligent answers in the exams.. He was a Complan boy

When he got the question below

Expand (a+b) 2

He gave this intelligent answer:

( a  +  b ) 2

( a   +   b ) 2

( a    +    b ) 2

( a     +     b ) 2

Very funny! said the teacher but didn’t give a zero, for zero meant nothing, where as the student had definitely written something, something correct, something different!

Wokay, take another chance said the teacher.. and asked, which is the fastest animal?

Our Complan boy wanted to say cow, why? because his Complan was made of cow’s milk, not cheetahs!

So he said Cow

Teacher asked How?

A cow traveling at a top speed of 100 meters per second! after being dropped from a helicopter! Isnt it the fastest one can get within 10 seconds from start?

Hmmm The other day I was walking down the street, and saw a board in front of a house which read Beware of Dogs! Oops, I remembered having forgotten to put Beware of bugs in my software!

Cant we ensure that there are no bugs in software?

Moorkh, Code is a Maya, and bugs are the reality..
developers come, developers go.. bugs stay forever

How to remove the bugs that resurface again and again?

Dont rely on comments, debug the actual code Comments are an illusion, only written to misguide you, code is the reality, rely only on it while debugging..

and to get mukti(salvation) from this world of bugs, become a project manager and project as if you are managing.

But dont become a manager who believes in shortcuts, for there are no shortcuts in the world to any place worth going! Dont believe in the theory of adding more programmers to your team to deliver the project soon, for it is not possible to have a baby within a month with 9 women pregnant!

Finally, there are 10 types of people who understood all that I said. Those who know ternary, those who don’t, and those who confuse it with binary! ;)

Timepass Timed out!