Gone are the days – The Story of Rains

A poem by Gurudev about how the impact of rains have changed overtime from a pleasant natural experience to a fearsome man made menace due to deforestation.

Longest Word in any Language of the World Literature – Guinness World Record

The longest word in the world in any language used in a literary work or literature is in Sanskrit.

World’s Oldest Printed Book

World's Oldest Printed Books are the Chinese Translations of Ancient Sanskrit teachings of Buddha and Buddhism.

World Sanskrit Book Fair

World Sanskrit Book Fair is being held from Jan-7 to Jan-10 in Bangalore. It is a great opportunity for all those interested in Sanskrit and ancient India.

God, Save me from your followers

GodThey are dividing the society in your name They are converting others with your claim They are misleading the world misusing your fame They are misbehaving with others causing you shame God, save me from your followersWhy cant I...

Planet Earth – Alien Invasion

In the constellation of Libra, 20.5 light years away from our planet Earth lies a star Gliese 581.Orbiting this star is a planet Gliese 581c, about 1.5 times bigger than earth in diameter, and 5 times more massive.This planet...

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The individual human is smart, but the human species is dumb

The smart individual human has to clean up the mess created by his dumb species. Species polluted the planet, individuals are cleaning it up.

What if Dinosaurs did not go extinct 65 million years ago?

Imagine a world where dinosaurs did not go extinct, because that asteroid missed colliding with Earth. How would have life evolved then?

Bees are dying; hence, the humans will starve

The death of bee colonies across the world will lead to extinction of many plants, trees and crops, leading to acute food shortage.

In the beginning the Universe was created

Is there a reason behind the creation of our Universe? Or are there infinite number of Universes that are constantly being created and destroyed?

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The Origin of Dowry System in India

In its original form of dowry in India, women were gifted wealth by her parents during marriage which served as a tool of financial independence for the bride even after marriage.

Takshashila – World’s Oldest University

More than 2700 years back a huge university existed in that ancient India where over 10,500 students from all across the world came for...

The Mother of All Martial Arts : Kalari or Kalarippayattu

On one of the walls of the Shaolin temple in China a fresco can be seen, showing south Indian dark-skinned monks, teaching the light-skinned Chinese the art of bare-handed fighting.

The Myth of Aryan Invasion Theory

Aryan Invasion Theory has been proved to be a myth and as a wrong theory long back. But let me explain in detail the...