In the constellation of Libra, 20.5 light years away from our planet Earth lies a star Gliese 581.

Orbiting this star is a planet Gliese 581c, about 1.5 times bigger than earth in diameter, and 5 times more massive.

This planet is home for an advanced alien civilization. It is a a Type II civilization depending on its star for its energy needs. These aliens are a lot more ahead in terms of science and technology than humans on earth. Humans are not even Type I, we are Type 0!

For those who don’t know what these types mean, it is a classification based on the energy source of the civilization.
Type I civilization use their planet for their energy needs
Type II use their star for their energy needs
Type III use their galaxy for their energy needs
Type IV use their local universe for their energy needs!
We – Type 0 still depend on fossil fuels for our energy needs!

Now this advanced civilization on Gliese 581c are facing a crisis! An energy crisis.
Their star is running out of hydrogen fuel and will soon be unable to satisfy their energy needs! Hence if their civilization has to survive, they will have to do an inter-stellar migration to some other planet belonging to some other young star!

While its not an immediate threat to life on their planet, in the near future they will have to do the relocation as their sun is dying out.

But its easier said than done. First they need to find a planet like their own planet which can support life. Then they have to ensure that the new planet has no intelligent life which can confront them. Because, if intelligent life exists on that planet, then, will the native people of that planet allow migration? Also the new planet has to be as near as possible to make it feasible to do an interstellar travel to relocate.

The planetary government of Gliese 581c forms a committee of technical experts to short list all the probable candidate planets in their local galactic zone for the migration in the near future.

The experts carry out a detailed analysis of all planets that can support life (or are supporting life) in the local galactic zone of 100 light years and submit their report to the planetary government.

The technological committee report is then handed over to a socio-political committee which finalizes the planet for migration.

The socio-political committee after a detailed analysis of the technological committee report, zero in on two planets as the final candidates for the migration. The head of the socio-political committee prepares a presentation to be made to the government committee which is the final authority on validating and approving the findings.

The presentation to the GC (Government Committee) by SPC (Socio-Political committee) starts.

SPC: Good morning ladies and gentlemen. As we all are aware, our committee was formed to find out a suitable candidate planet that supports life, so that our civilization can migrate to that new planet, with a new sun with an energy supply of at least another billion years. As we all know, our Sun is running out of fuel and can support us only for another 2 million years at the most! While that may look like a lot of time, the energy required for migration also has to be considered! We will be drawing energy from our sun for this migration and waiting for our sun to run out of fuel will be suicidal! If we dont have enough energy to fuel our migration process, then migration will not be possible even if we find other similar planets like ours!

Hence the government had formed a technological committee to list out all the possible candidate planets for out migration in the near vicinity of our star. We after analyzing the report of the technological committee have finalized on two candidate planets for our migration

GC: It is interesting to note that you have finalized on two candidates. But the government just wants a relocation not an inter-stellar occupation! Wont one planet do?

SPC: Yes, even we initially aimed at finalizing on only one planet. But unfortunately we did not find any suitable planet as big as ours. Hence we had to finalize on these two planets

GC: But wont it be an expensive process to migrate to two planets? Splitting up our people on two different planets would cost us more energy and related logistics in the future to support communication between these planets!

SPC: Not really, because these two planets belong to the same star and are quite near to each other, even nearer than our neighboring planet! The star supporting these planets is expected to live for at least another 5 billion years and is three times more massive than our star.

GC: Interesting! Let us have more details on this location

SPC: Sure. The star is located about 20 light years away from us. It has 10 planets orbiting around it. Of the two planets we have chosen for our migration, one planet earlier supported life, but now has no life on it, hence we will have to recreate life supporting environment on this planet. The second planet has thriving intelligent life on it, and we wont have any difficulty in migrating to this planet. The native humans on it call their planet Earth, their star is called Sun, and the neighboring planet which habited life long back is called Mars. Earth is slightly smaller than our planet, hence we will also have to prepare Mars.

GC: Sorry for interrupting. Did you say intelligent life? life on earth?

SPC: Yes, Earth has intelligent life form called humans..

GC: How on Gliese could you finalize on this planet then? I am sure you are quite aware that we don’t want to do any invasion, we do not want to destroy life on some other place on the cosmos!

SPC: Yes, we are quite aware of the fact that we do not want to occupy territory of other intelligent life forms in the universe. But I have valid arguments in favor of occupying earth.

GC: And may I ask what argument is that?

SPC: To save earth from becoming a lifeless planet. To prevent earth from returning to the status of a planet with only primitive microbial life. As we all are aware, there are very few planets in our neighboring cosmos that support life. I am sure we do not want another planet to be out of that list!

GC: I am afraid we did not understand your view. Can you please elaborate?

SPC: Sure. There are billions of life forms on planet earth. Humans are the only intelligent ones among them. And there lies the problem. Humans have evolved on earth for about 2 million years on their planet. The current human civilization spread over the entire planet is relatively very young in terms of science and technology. They still use fossil fuels as their major energy source. They are polluting their entire planet!

GC: While it is sad that they are polluting the planet, it by no means poses a threat to life on that planet. They might soon discover more reliable and renewable sources of energy, like nuclear fuel based energy, stellar energy, energy in the planetary core, etc.. Once they upgrade to Type I civilization, they can also clean up their planet of pollution. So where is the grounds for our entry into their system?

SPC: They have already discovered nuclear energy. But the fact is that as soon as they discovered this energy they used it to make bombs and dropped two of them on their own species! The humans do not have a single political leadership like ours. They identify themselves based on local geographical locations called countries. It is like entire humanity is split into about 200 odd such countries. These countries keep fighting with each other. In one such inter human war called the second world war, where a group of one countries fought another group, two countries called USA and Germany accelerated their research into nuclear field, not to generate energy to satisfy the needs of the civilization, but to make bombs to destroy each other. USA succeeded in making the bombs first and dropped it on another country called Japan killing millions of fellow humans

GC: Strange species live on earth! Why do they kill each other? What about the safety of other non-intelligent species on that planet

SPC: Humans are very greedy and narrow minded. They identify themselves in a very limited manner as the citizens of a country, or as something called their religion. The concept of religion is still not very clear to us. Some humans also kill themselves killing others in the name of religion. They basically explode themselves killing other fellow humans whom they say belong to other religion! We think it is like a number game where one religion wants to kill as many as possible of other religion! We are still studying this religious phenomena. Because we have also seen that in many places people of different religion live together very peacefully. It is very confusing actually!

GC: I hope humans are not some intelligent species that has gone mad. If you can prove that they have gone mad, then it makes sense to invade planet earth to save other life forms on that planet and also to find us a new home!

SPC: Yes, in fact they are mad!

GC: What is this religion. Is it something related to genetics? Are the genes of different religious humans different?

SPC: No, the religions have nothing to do with genes. We have confirmed reports that what is called religion on earth is not a scientific phenomena It looks like some blind faith where nothing is to be questioned! Many of these religions try to bring in humans of other religion into theirs, so obviously it has nothing to do with genetic traits either! People who question the science behind the religious beliefs are killed many times!

GC: OK. So what is the basis for our invasion? What moral right do WE have to do that?

SPC: If we dont take over this planet then it is anyway going to be spoilt by these humans. They have polluted the entire planet. More and more other life forms and species are becoming extinct. Most other life forms are endangered on earth. Forests are being destroyed. Air is becoming unbreathable. Water is contaminated. Soil is becoming infertile due to pesticides and chemical usage. More over these humans use chemical and nuclear weapons in the war. In fact all these human countries now possess enough nuclear weapons to destroy the entire planet more than a thousand times!

GC: That is scary. We need to prevent this massive destruction of a life supporting planet

SPC: So we have to invade and take over this planet. Destroy all the humans before they can destroy earth with nuclear weapons and then we have to make sure that all other life forms on earth continue to survive. We have to introduce our non polluting power generation process on earth to clean up the pollution done by humans

GC: But then invading an intelligent life form to take over their own planet!

SPC: Yes, to introduce the principle of our galactic democracy on Earth. There is a strong country called USA on earth which in the name of maintaining democracy and world order and peace on earth has invaded countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, etc killing thousands of people, saying they want to prevent the collapse of those countries and bring back people’s rule.
On similar lines we can invade Earth to maintain our galactic democracy to restore galactic order on earth, to prevent collapse of the earth’s life supporting system and to bring back the rule of life.

GC: Well, we think we are convinced by your arguments. We need to restore peace and democracy of life on earth. We need to liberate life on earth from the human dictatorship and bring about the rule of life. Irrespective of whether we are going to use earth as our new planet or not, We HAVE to invade earth.

Gliese civilization prepares for an invasion of planet earth, to save the life on earth from the hands of humans. To restore world order and peace and democracy. A mission to planet earth to do the initial analysis for the attack is on the way!

What do we have to say from Earth?

Observation Report from Earth: Is it possible for us humans on this planet to build a society that has at least the moral right to fight such an alien invasion, if not the technological might?

Under the present circumstance, the answer is a simple No. In the future? Well, let us hope that the hope prevails