They are dividing the society in your name
They are converting others with your claim
They are misleading the world misusing your fame
They are misbehaving with others causing you shame
God, save me from your followers

Why cant I worship you in a different way?
Why cant I call you with a different name?
They say if I do so, then you will punish
If I dont follow their way, then I will perish
God, save me from your followers

I see you raining equally on all
I see you giving oxygen to all
Yet they are blind to this game
For they claim, you are only to them
God, save me from your followers

They kill others in your name
They kill themselves in your name
They claim heaven in your name
They create hell in your name

God, please please for God’s sake
Save me and my people from your followers
And save your followers from themselves

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