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He appears suddenly from nowhere !!!

Helps you out of your current troubled situation.. and before you could respond..

Vrooom!! he suddenly disappears out of your sight into nothing!!

Well, we are used to seeing many such movies, tele-series, etc where Gods, super humans etc are known to appear and disappear instantaneously!

So I was wondering what are the real scientific ways in which this kind of super human action would be possible, because, finally every reality, be it humans, super humans, etc all should come under the laws of science, because science means the truth, the laws of nature, the definition of universe!

wokay, so lets straight away jump into the available scientific options for this kind of instantaneous appearing and disappearing.

Option 1 :


If something or somebody moves faster than the speed detectable by a human eye, then it looks as if the thing is appearing out of nowhere (if it is approaching us), or as if it simply disappeared (if it is moving away from us).

This has to do with the shutter speed of human eye! I mean our eyes/brain cannot recognize something which happens within 1/50 of a second. I am using this number because I believe thats why we have refresh rates of 50 Hz on our monitor screens, so that things dont appear to be flickering to our eyes! It is irritating to see things flicker.

So if a super human happens to approach us with a speed where he/she remains in our visual zone for less than 1/50 of a second, then we will feel as if the person appeared out of nowhere! Of course, there has to be some advanced breaking system so that the person doesn’t crash on us, and instead comes to a stand still a few feet away from us

Also there has to be some kind of shock prevention, like the ones in advanced spy planes /stealth aircrafts which ensure that the sound/air disturbance effects caused due to a sudden pressure change due to a super fast projectile are absorbed back by the system or are dispersed in such a way that the effects wont be noticeable. Else we will feel some kind of strong breeze and/or noise when the super human is just about to approach us or immediately after he/she leaves us. We don’t like to be blown away by a strong breeze when God appears in front of us We prefer if the entry and exit are smooth as if there is no trace of it!

Option 2

Worm holes!

A more technical solution this is, without any noisy effects where there is no cheating of human eyes involved. Any of you remember seeing he-man and the masters of the universe during our childhood? I used to wonder during those days, thinking about, is it really possible to enter into a door, like how he-man does and then just on the other side of the door exit into a totally different place very far away from where you entered!

Only later I came to know about worm holes, which are a logical conclusion of general relativistic field equations where the stress energy tensor has a negative energy density! (See my article on Demystifying Einstein’s Field Equations )

In a common man’s term wormholes are space-time shortcuts. When I once spoke about the application of wormholes with my colleagues, as usual they thought that I am some crazy alien! We were discussing about how to resolve Bangalore’s heavy traffic mess, how to avoid traffic jams, etc and I said that, once we master wormhole technology, we will have all the problems of traffic jams solved! because we wont need roads any more! We can just go to a worm hole station (like how we go to bus station, airport, railway station, etc), and then pass through a worm hole there that connects to the worm hole at our destination!

Like for instance to go to delhi from bangalore, go to a wormhole station in bangalore (suppose say it is built near majestic), buy a wormhole ticket to delhi, and just get into the delhi queue and pass through the worm hole and lo, within few seconds on the other side of the wormhole you are out at the delhi worm hole station!!

Similarly we can even have wormholes at home that connect to our office. If your office starts at 9 am, enter the worm hole in your house exactly at 9 am, and there you are on the other side of it, inside your office!! Just beware, that since many others will be coming to the office at the same time, ensure that you dont collide with your colleagues, or else you can customize your worm hole further and have the exit point right at your desk!

So this was the solution that I proposed to solve Bangalore’s traffic woes.

And the same can also be used to instantly appear and disappear too!! A normal human helped by superhuman technology!

Option 3

Higher Dimensions!

This is again another feasible approach to appear out of nowhere and to disappear into nothing. This time we use a fourth space dimension.

As we all know, currently we can only move around in a 3 dimensional universe i.e sidewards, forwards-backwards and upwards/downwards.

But science today and so do I, strongly believe that there are many more higher dimensions in the universe, because, as we move towards higher dimensions, the equations of different fundamental forces of nature unite and lead us towards a grand unified theory, as explained by the superstring theory which has stopped at 10 dimensions! For example Kaluza Klein theory unifies Einstein’s field equations (i.e general relativity) and Maxwell’s equations (i.e electromagnetism) in a 4D space (which is a 5D space-time)

To understand this movement in higher dimensions, consider one dimension less than ours, i.e a 2D universe on a flat paper. Now if you can pierce a needle through that 2D paper, and if there are some 2D life forms on that paper, then they will see that needle appear out of nowhere in their 2D universe, and then disappear into nothing!! This is because the 2D species cant see up into 3D, just like the way we cant see into 4D!

Similarly, if a 4D species who lives in higher dimensions moves through our 3D universe, and if that happens right in front of you, then you will see the 4D superhuman appear in front of you out of nowhere and then as he passes out of our 3D universe he seems to disappear into nothing!! Of course, since you cant see beyond the 3D, you wont see him the way he looks in 4D.

So these were some of my random thoughts about how to appear and disappear instantaneously and logically. What’s your take on this?

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  1. well i could atleast understand 80% of your concept but i couldn’t understand one thing i have read all your posts from vedic science till this but who are you? your concepts are clear and logical what are you doing(occupation)? and i want to know how you researched these much and your thoughts about quantum theory and dimensional research is amazing i want to know more about you.

  2. I think ancient sages used to move between dimensions.. ancient sages are scientists who had realized that what we see is an illusion, and the true science lies within us and once you recognize and control that inner truth, you can define how the illusion should look, I mean you should be able to produce all kind of special effects!

  3. gurudev
    i understood the explanation but what i am trying to say is we are thinking of technology by which we ourselves can be made visible or invisible..that means for option 3 we should be able to go to 4d and come back so that the people in 3d will experience the expected effect rt?.

  4. sainath
    we cant experience 4d because we live only in 3d.. just like a 2d creature is restricted to 2d and cant come out to experience 3d…
    so if a 4d creature comes down to our 3d plain in his 4d, then he will be instantaneously visible to us appearing out of nowhere.. and the moment he moves out of our 3d plain, he will become immediately invisible!

  5. Can you relate intuitions to this….
    If we see something in dream or see something which turns into a reality later and we keep on thinking, man i have see it before…
    let me call this intuition (correct me if i am wrong)…
    so can u relate this article to intuition..

    or intuition to the law of nature or science…


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