The Alien Study

July 4 2002… It was 11:30 pm… 230 km northwest of Kabul at an altitude of 2500 meters… In the Bamiyan valley landed an UFO..

Photographs of the destroyed Buddha statues were taken.. compared with the Buddha who once stood there… The left image shows the Buddha who once stood.. and the right once after its destruction by the Taliban…

A voice from inside the UFO was heard uttering words which sounded like “Crazy, Mad, Stupid, Foolish, Insane” etc..

After hovering around the area for more photographs and video recordings, the UFO went up in the sky and vanished into the deep space……

The Alien Report

August 14 2007… It was 11:30 pm…

Hundred of light years away from Earth…

Deep inside the Orion Nebula on planet P-3 orbiting around the star S-17…

In an alien land..

A documentary video is being telecast for the public…

The video is titled “Evolution and Self Destruction of Intelligent Life” …

So let us hear what the narrator has to say in this alien documentary…

Orion productions presents..

Evolution of Life and Self Destruction of Intelligent Life

We on Orion are an advanced civilization.. We have tapped our star’s energy.. We are self sufficient on our energy needs… We are an intelligent life form…

We have discovered that life can exist on n number of other planets which support life in this universe….

We have visited many of such planets and found primitive life on them.. We know about planets in other star systems in our own galaxy which contain high level multicellular life…

But why is it then that our universe contains no intelligent life other than our own? Why is it that we see only primitive or non-intelligent life forms on planets all over the world ? Is intelligence a rare phenomenon to evolve ? Are we something special ?

To answer all these questions we conducted a detailed survey of our galaxy.. Visiting all known planetary systems that have life.. Looking into systems that we think might harbor intelligent life.. and so on in our quest to find answers to our questions…

So here is the outcome of our study.. tan ta daaaaannnnn

Earth – From an Alien Perspective

A few hundred light years away lies a star called Sun, and orbiting this star is a planet called Earth which harbors conditions suitable for life to evolve and yes life has evolved on this planet and has lead to intelligent life forms called humans. The terms Sun and Earth are the ones used by these humans to refer to their star and planet respectively.

We have sent hundreds of space probes to extensively study the phenomenon of life and intelligence on earth. Intelligent life on earth started off pretty well as humans developed intelligent brain – a memory+thinking organ. Once their brain developed, these wandering humans started thinking, and thought why to wander, instead why not settle down in one place and rear the animals they need, grow the plants they need. Thus were created initial human settlements where they domesticated certain other animals, started growing food crops. Slowly they developed civilizations which were vast human settlements around river basins, where they built well planned cities, became more civilized, had administrators and rulers.

As humans became more and more interested in the working of nature, their science developed and so did their technology. Initially it was used for the benefit of all, to make life more easy, to reach greater heights, to travel and communicate faster, to mass produce goods etc.

But as technology advanced, so did groupism among the humans. Humans got divided on the basis of various lines like religion, ideology, country, color, race, regionalism, etc. And to prove the supremacy of one group over the other, started misusing the technology for destructive purposes, to create weapons, war machines, etc.

Also as technology advanced, so did the greed.. humans started plundering the natural resources on earth. Forests were massively destroyed, air, water and land polluted, entire ecosystems went for a toss, thousands of life forms became extinct for food and fancy of humans, the entire planet today has become a complete mess.

LIfe on earth is on the verge of becoming extinct due to either of the following two reasons.

1. The warring groups of humans in the name of religion, countries, ideology etc might use weapons of mass destruction like nuclear or biological weapons resulting in an uncontrollable chain of retaliatory strikes by other groups there by causing life on that planet to become extinct. You can watch a complete video of this self destruction of humans where in you can watch recent important events like the two world wars, terrorism, anti-terrorism, fight for oil control, etc

2. The plundering of nature by humans causes a permanent irreparable damage to the ecosystem of earth, resulting in toxic air, rise in global temperature, penetration of harmful solar radiation due to loss of ozone layer, lack of food due to overpopulation and destruction of agricultural land, genetic pollution due to messing up with natural genes, etc and there by cause an extinction of life on the planet Earth. You can watch a complete video of humans destroying their own house, without understanding the fact there THERE IS BUT ONE EARTH for them to live. You can see the difference between the earlier greener cleaner earth and the present polluted, dirty stains on the planet.

In either of these cases, life might not become completely extinct, since there will always be primitive life forms that would still continue to exist. But higher life forms, especially the intelligent life forms would be wiped out of existence.


So our research has concluded that, the reason why we have not seen any other intelligent life forms on other planets other than our star S-17 is NOT because intelligent life forms do not exist anywhere in the universe, but because every time intelligent life creates technology, before that technology could be used efficiently to communicate with other life forms far out in other star systems and galaxies, these intelligent life forms would have entered into a self destructive suicidal mode destroying themselves using the same technology either by entering into wars led by groupism, or by overconsuming their natural resources and polluting their homeplanet which subsequently would lead to their own destruction.

Hence Intelligence life forms rarely make it beyond their home planet, and instead get destroyed by the misuse of their own intelligence aka technology before they could even practically aim at reaching the outer space. We are priviliged in that sense because unlike other intelligent life forms like humans on earth, we, the so called aliens (by humans), have NOT misused our technology to plunder our nature, we have NOT encouraged groupism and hence there are no wars between us, and hence we have reached this stage of being able to look beyond our star systems and understand the reality of what is going on with other intelligent life forms.

Let us so finally hope that there are atleast a few other intelligent life forms like ours who make sensible use of their intelligence / technology and advanced emotions without any groupism.


Why did I write this post?

Looking at humans fighting all over the world in the name of religion, color, race, ideology, country and what not.. just one thought came to my mind. Why the hell are we fighting like this ?

As a species, have humans gone Mad ? Instead of building a planetary heaven on this known Earth why are they fighting in the name of some unknown heaven and creating a hell here on this great planet? Instead of saving the life of people who are dying in front of their eyes, why are they killing people in the name of some unknown imaginary creature? Is this the heights of hallucination of the so called intelligent species?

If all animals could speak.. and if there was one universal court for life on earth.. then all the animals would have appealed in that court to terminate the human species on earth for causing all this havoc on their planet.. Earth is not the man’s great grand father’s property right? :)

Or are there some alien life forms like the one imagined above who after seeing the mess created by humans on earth, have decided to terminate this SPECIES THAT HAS GONE MAD?