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Are Gods Aliens?

Sometimes I just wonder, to who are we praying when we say GODS? Who is GOD? The one who created this universe? or the one who bought life on this planet earth? or the one who gave intelligence to human beings to create a concept of GOD?
Did GOD create humans or is it the other way round?
Or are we mislead and are thinking history to be mythology and aliens to be GODS??
Scientists still debate on the question about how come suddenly human brain started growing so large and humans became intelligent(?) beings are we are today?

Well, are we the result of experiments done by some aliens whom we today praise as gods?
GODS live in heaven? Is that some faraway planetary settlement of aliens?
GODS used to visit earth? Are they aliens?

Definitely in that case the GODS we think of are not the creators of this universe, but a limited set of it called intelligent life??

But where are these GODS now? Why arent they visiting us? Or are they?
Another point here is, if aliens are GODS then they are definitely mortals. So the GODS whom we know via mythology (which is actually history) are dead today!!! So there are different sets of GODS today!! Or are the GODS still there in their planetary establishment.

Another fact that confirms my thought about GOD=ALIEN is the human kind of mindset we hear about GODS, they used to fight wars, some were jealous, etc. This suits more with an alien definition than with an ideal GOD.

Then is there any real GOD who created this universe? If yes, then he has to be outside this universe, then were is the science?

Also, even if there is any real GOD, he/she (does GOD have a gender? I dont think so) cant interfere in our day to day lives by giving us boons, helping us out in difficult times etc because thats unscientific, that will be violation of the laws that govern this universe.

If we live in a multi verse which is a collection of multiple universes, then what is the role of GOD here?

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Gurudev is the developer of Gurunudi AI Platform. This is his official website where he pens his thoughts on a wide range of topics, answers queries, shares resources and tools developed by him.


  1. We all living entities are “Jeevathmas” or Jeeva. A Jeeva is also called Sookshma Shareera or minute (atomic body). A Jeeva gets fueled up by Aatman, which is a spark from Megha-Unlimited-Infinite Consciousness. Just like a balloon filled with air, for a Jeeva to be in existence Aatma is must.
    In above example Jeev is compared with balloon and air with Aatma. The air present in atmosphere is like Megha-Unlimited-Infinite Consciousness or Parma Aatma. 

    Only a Jeeva which is a spark of Param Aatma only can feel emotions and has a wisdom.
    If the Jeeva takes birth in earth, it will get a body that will suit the conditions on earth. This body is termed as Sthoola Shareera (Material Body).
    If the same Jeeva takes birth in Swarga (Indra’s Planet) it will get a body that suits Deva lokas conditions. This body is free from hunger, disease, sweat. 
    If a Jeeva takes birth in Gandharva lok (planet), it will get Gandharva lokas body. 
    There are 11 lokas or higher planetary of whose consciousness is also higher than one another.

    Jeevathma or Jeeva emerges from the JeevVishishtaBrahma which was in its “Beej roop” or cocoon.
    It just shows itself (prakat) on a particular time and space. It neither been created not it can be destroyed.
    There are infinite Jeevathmas.

    Mainly a Jeevathma is brought into the material world by goddess Maaya. Then based on its karma, it is sent to higher planets and be there until all its 
    sathvik karmic fruits are sorted out. As soon as the Jeeva enjoyed all its fruits then it is thrown back to material planet. 
    It will be allotted lower species body anywhere from ant to elephant and sometimes the Jeeva has to take birth in almost 84 lakhs of earth species until it gets human body.

    If the Jeeva’s Karmas are in negative direction, it is taken to lower level planets called Narak. There are different Narak mentioned in Garud puran.

    For a Jeeva to take birth, it MUST have a body which will obey the laws of that planet or space.
    An amphibian has a kind of body that can dwell in both land and water.
    A fish has ha body that can live in water, and like wise is the human body.

    A human body is meant to be most superior body (even if it sweat and stinks right after an hour taking bath) because, only in this body
    the Karma is been counted. And no other bodied Jeeva’s Karma may it be Dev lokspecies or Narak lok species the Karma is 0. The species in Swarg
    planet being superior to humans also longs for Human body because they can perform KARMA.

    Coming to the question Why we are here? 

    We all are here only in search for Aananda. The definition of Aananda: Unlimited Increasing Happiness for Infinite period. 

    As told earlier, there are 11 higher dimensional planets or worlds. 

    1. MrityuLok (Earth)
    2. PithraLok
    3. Manushya GandharvLok
    4. GandharvaLok
    5. Ajanak GandharvLok 
    6. Ajanak Manushya GandharvLok
    7. DevLok 
    8. Ajanak DevLok
    9. DevGandharvLok
    10. Ajanak DevGandharvLok
    11. BrahmaLok

    All these planets or Lokas are under influence of goddess Maaya, the power of supreme personality godhead.
    Within these planets there exists mainly LUST, ANGER, JEALOUSY.

    Of course the well knowledged Jeevathma with superior wisdom could travel within these Lokas with a blink of an eye. They could even
    change their body to suit the condition of these planets just like we change our clothes. They did this not by time machine but with Taposhakthi
    or Punya phala. These Jeevathmas when they travelled from higher planets to earth, we call them Dev or the entity which is equivalent to lord (krishna) but not lord himself. Yes now they can be termed as ALIENS.
    Example: Sanakadi Mahapurush; Naarada Muni. and many many more.

    The planet where the lord resides is called a VAIKUNTA planet, the most superior one and infinitely vast. Once a Jeevathma is taken to 
    Vaikunta planet, they say there is no return back. Unlike any other planets, where the Jeevathma is thrown again and again into the MrithyuLok planet
    Vaikunta planet is the only planet where once Jeevathma gets entry then it will not have to return back to inferior planets.

    Why Sri Krishna?

    Sri Krishna is Swayam Bhagawaan. 5000 years back when kurukshetra war was fought in Dwapar Yug, Lord Krishna said that unless and until
    Jeev completely surrenders himself unto me, I will never lift MY MAAYA from that jeev. Once the Jeev completely surrenders to Krishna the jeeva
    gets entry to Vaikunta planet where there is no influence of Maaya and no return to material planet; so no rebirth.

    Why Jeev longs for Aananda or Haapiness? Because Jeev is a spark of Sri Krishna and Aananda is the alternate name of Sri Krishna.
    Sri Krishna himself is full of Aananda and his abode is Vaikunta.

  2. excellent gurudev…life or all organisms dint happen  over  night…u have  seen  urself  that  different  organisms came  into  existecnce  at  different  times  in the past..  and  u know that not all  living organisms  or  creatures u see  today.. none of  them  came  into  existence at the  same time.. is it intellegent  design from  aliens  ..????  at  least  humans.. why it  became an  inteligent being wich  can  invent  and  think amd reasonn so  much.. wich no  other  species  could  do.. another controversial  topic..  did god or whom  we  worship  as god (who  just  might  be a extrateresstrial with better technology)  wich we  dint have at  that  time or understand that  make  us beleive it  was  devine… ahh we have all heard  this story enof.. or  seen it  in history and discovery   chanel (ancient aliens)

    its true wot  u  say.. who  we  worship  as  god may only be the creator  of intellegent life like ourself  ,but not  the entire universe… its bout time our  human  brains(which even now do not  understand how  it  works) stop  imagining that technology what  it  cant  understand  is  divine or attributed to GOD

    500  back there was  no  electomagnetism… no  electric bulbs ..but im  sure as  the  way we  have progressed from  those days.. we  ultimately  arrive at   a scientific age  wher  the working of  the  universe and  our exsitence  here  is explained scientifically.. and not my  magic or  miracles.. it make take  a millenium or  so..   but  i beleive  that mankind  will be  able to reach a  level of scientific awareness  that  may explain the  working of  the  universe as per or  WAAAYYY  beyond  m theory  or branes..

    • Very well said Shreyas, as Einstein once put it “The most incomprehensible thing about this universe is that it is comprehensible” – for a student maths is difficult to learn unless and until he understand it, till then he wonders how the teachers can so easily decide on which formula to use when. Similarly for us humans universe and its functioning are mysterious and magic, but only till we understand it, and once we understand it, it becomes part of science.

  3. Hi Gurudev,

    I totally enjoyed your blog. But dude there is God . and as far as science is concerned it just needs proof about every thing its just difficult to prove every thing you can feel air but cant see it so are most of the things .If our brains have developed the way you said it developed then why cant people sense natural disaster before it comes. God is there and those scientists who says that GOD is a myth why in the name of science cant they give a straight answer as where did our life start from and from which form did it start from

  4. Hi Gurudev,
    You are certainly a guru in this subject, Iam an amateur blogger as well please read my articles at my website if you have time.

    About GOD-ALIEN connection, it is very much possible that we have worshipped them as GODs, as at that time we were not civilized enough to know thier true self.

  5. Gurudev
    Thank you very much. Inspired by you I have started a blog of my own. You have shown to me practically that pen is mightier than sword. Without knowing to me I have started copying your writing style too. I am thrilled after seeing how I can write down my thoughts and already some people reading it. I am experiencing new found freedom today!

    Please visit my blog at http://indianempire.wordpress.com/ and provide your valueble comments. Thank you very much for being such a great encouragement to number of youth like me.

    Yet Another Indian

  6. Respected Sirs
    If you read “” God Talks With Arjuna”” by Pramahansa Yogananda ( I only tried !!!) you will understand that the story of Mahabharata is not a story of warring brothers but how good qualities react when confronted with bad qualities. The Pandavas are represented as the five Chakras, Draupadi as the Kundalini and the Kaurava clans as the Bad qualities. The story so wonderfully woven that we can rightfully say that it is the work of a genius. And this genius mentions hundreds of other genius in his story. My belief is that Mahabharata could not have been written by a person whose ancestor was an Ape !!!!!! Ved Vyas was no ordinary being!!!!

  7. Yeah, Gurudev… only Rig Veda. Since you have read and understood the original Sanskrit Rig Veda, do you feel that any part of it points to possible alien contact?

  8. I believe in a single existant GOD, the universal spirit, Brahman (i think).
    How ever the many hindu “”GODS””, i believe are just people, extraordinary people with amazing powers, but people none the less.
    as for the brain growth theory:
    the human brain is shrinking in size. the potential was always there but never used properly.
    although ancient indians was quite intelligent, but not all people where educated and religion became corrupted and the varna system manipulated.

  9. Well, there was never a point where creation occured, if you believe there is God. According to the words of Swami Vivekananda….””The Vedas teach us that creation is without beginning or end. Science is said to have proved that the sum total of cosmic energy is always the same. Then, if there was a time when nothing existed, where was all this manifested energy? Some say it was in a potential form in god. In that case god is sometimes potential and sometimes kinetic, which would make him mutable. Everything mutable is a compound, and everything compound must undergo that change which is called destruction. So god would die, which is absurd. Therefore there never was a time when there was no creation. “”

  10. Haha It is not a internet story.. I read about in the books long back.. I dont just read some popular science articles and talk about science, I read actual technical stuff :)
    have you studied human evolution?
    It shows a massive expansion of the hominid brain…
    The body brain ratio of humans is greater than any other species.. there is no real explanation as to how this happened in humans and why only in humans..
    humans are intelligent because they have a bigger well organized brain..
    They are also more resource hungry… 20% of our body heat comes out of brain! infants brain consume 75% of resources!
    For instance look at this article on science daily.. its not some internet stuff

  11. I dont believe that human brain started to grow suddenly.
    I have never found any solid article on that( a professional article). Its probably just another internet story.
    If aliens came here and messed with our physiology, then they made a clear mistake.( look at the state of the planet)…
    Anyway that was good post..

  12. Well well how sure are u about aliens!!! May b thats another mask of god ;) ok just joking..like ur blog..was searching somthing on google and landed up at ur site, there saw the link to blog…nice website and blog..keep wrting..–>


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