Sometimes I just wonder, to who are we praying when we say GODS? Who is GOD? The one who created this universe? or the one who bought life on this planet earth? or the one who gave intelligence to human beings to create a concept of GOD?
Did GOD create humans or is it the other way round?
Or are we mislead and are thinking history to be mythology and aliens to be GODS??
Scientists still debate on the question about how come suddenly human brain started growing so large and humans became intelligent(?) beings are we are today?

Well, are we the result of experiments done by some aliens whom we today praise as gods?
GODS live in heaven? Is that some faraway planetary settlement of aliens?
GODS used to visit earth? Are they aliens?

Definitely in that case the GODS we think of are not the creators of this universe, but a limited set of it called intelligent life??

But where are these GODS now? Why arent they visiting us? Or are they?
Another point here is, if aliens are GODS then they are definitely mortals. So the GODS whom we know via mythology (which is actually history) are dead today!!! So there are different sets of GODS today!! Or are the GODS still there in their planetary establishment.

Another fact that confirms my thought about GOD=ALIEN is the human kind of mindset we hear about GODS, they used to fight wars, some were jealous, etc. This suits more with an alien definition than with an ideal GOD.

Then is there any real GOD who created this universe? If yes, then he has to be outside this universe, then were is the science?

Also, even if there is any real GOD, he/she (does GOD have a gender? I dont think so) cant interfere in our day to day lives by giving us boons, helping us out in difficult times etc because thats unscientific, that will be violation of the laws that govern this universe.

If we live in a multi verse which is a collection of multiple universes, then what is the role of GOD here?

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