This has been one of my thoughts since long back. About the auto mode of brain where brain works without our mind consciously being aware of it.

I feel that we need to concentrate to do things only when we are not used to it, in other words when we are not experienced in it. Things that we are experts at, our brain automatically takes care based on the expertise information it has.

I first got this idea while climbing steps long time back while I was in high school I believe. It was night time and the lights went off and I had to climb up to another floor. First I guessed the height of the steps as we all normally do and then started climbing thinking something else all the way long. Then suddenly the body had a jerk, as I had tried to climb another step when none existed, I had already reached the top and the stairs had ended!

We all have experienced such a thing. What it really means is that, we are used to climbing steps. Our brain is an expert in giving instructions to our legs on how to climb. It has mastered it. But it needs constant information to be fed in to decide the next move. The information comes only when we are concentrating on the data. I was thinking about something else while climbing and the brain was using its earlier expertise to calculate the position of the successive steps ahead. It had no clue about whether there was a step ahead or not! It was simply running in an auto mode!!

Suddenly an unexpected error occured, i.e the steps ended. Every unexpected thing brings back concentration!! As I stumbled after the steps ended, I came back from my thoughts and concentrated on the stumbling. Brain expects concentration when something unexpected occurs in an auto mode, so that it can record information about what happened and why it happened and use that information the next time while in auto mode. In other words, concentration is required to record information OR put in other words, concentration is the process of recording information. Pre-recorded information is used in auto mode!

As a child our brain didnt know how to walk. We had to calculate every step, balance, etc constantly feeding information to the brain about the outcome. We had to concentrate then on walking, on taking each step, etc. The brain then started recording the wrong steps, the right steps, the fast steps etc.

We adults dont do that anymore, as our brain has enough data on how to walk! While walking we no more calculate our steps. We can think something else while walking and leave the brain in automode to use its expertise!

Concentration is the process of gathering information i.e learning
Auto mode is the process of using this information i.e expertise

To conclude, I think what we think to be our mind is nothing but brain in a concentrated mode, i.e a brain mode that is recording information, with attention to detail!