A friend of mine wanted to smoke a Wills cigaratte and I just created a funny two liner on the fly and warned him about the dangers of smoking saying,

Where there is a will there is a way,
Where there is a Wills cigaratte, there is only one way and pointed upwards towards the sky :)

As we all know “going up” means death. That is what I meant – “Cigaratte smoking is injurious to health and may cause death”

Then suddenly I had a thought. Why in most cultures “going up” – pointing towards the sky, is related to death?

Does it mean that our ancients came from some of those planets out there in the deep space? Earth is a matrix environment for their experiments. Death is not the end of life. Souls do exist. Which is why eastern cultures talk about the concept of rebirth. There is nothing called true death of a person. A person ceasing to exist (which actually means his body ceased to exist) is NOT THE SAME AS the person actually dying ??

After death do we all return back to our creator’s planet/s where the definition of life is completely different, say in the form of souls, not in the form of the bodies we have here on earth? That is why ancient vedic texts say that soul is undestroyable and we are just actors in’the play of our life. Do we come to earth like how actors sign up to act in a movie? We play our act and then wind up (which other actors here call death?)

Is that why ancient hinduism calls upon us to concentrate on knowing who we really are?? Are we some kind of test cases in the development of a huge software product? Are we some experimental setup in doing research for some kind of feasible evolutionary system?
Or is MATRIX true? Probably this is a good matrix, not an evil one. Thank GOD :)

There is a wonderful poem in Kannada which says “Allide Nammane, illi bande summane” which means “My true house is out there, I came here just like that for a visit”

Now please dont tell me that I am talking about GOD. GOD as we know created the universe. (Well, its different that in hinduism GOD is the universe itself and all its forms!)

But here I am talking about those who were created well after the creation of the universe following the big bang and then that probably they created us. Some kind of Sub GOD or a sub level of GOD

So we report to these people, who in turn hopefully direcly report to GOD

My friend who wanted to smoke only one cigaratte, ended up smoking two more after listening to my thoughts :=))