65 millions years ago!!

At the end of the mesozoic era..

Let us assume that the dinosaurs never got destroyed..

Let us assume that the mighty asteroid that hit earth or the super volcano that erupted or the global climatic change that took place never happened 65 million years ago..

So the dinosaurs moved on in the evolutionary ladder.. today we have millions of dinosaurs living in the dense forests of this planet.. in the open deserts there are camel like giant dinosaurs.. in the polar regions we have mammoth like dinosaurs.. not all dinos are huge and giant.. there are smaller and medium sized ones too.. herbivorous and carnivorous too. and of course millions of other species everywhere.. except humans who never evolved.. because mammals never got a chance to evolve more stronger than reptiles

So this is our earth today.. ruled by dinosaurs.. and other reptiles..

So what big deal?

Well , there are no humans on this planet.. a peaceful place to live in.. no wars.. no pollution.. beautiful nature.. the blue planet as seen from space.. no buildings..

Something else is not there.. remember, these dinos are not intelligent like humans

So there is no ideology.. no religions.. NO GOD !

Who would have worshipped God in that case? Where would have all the so many Gods gone ? Now we have too may Gods.. but in the case of a Dino earth there would have been none

Who would have praised the God? Who would have fought in the name of God?

Where would have been my God, your God..

Where does God exist? Out there outside the universe or right here inside our intelligent(?) brains ? Or as Vedas say, is Universe itself the God ?

Don’t tell me that the very fact that intelligent humans who can think of God exist, proves the fact that God exists This makes God look as if he created intelligent species so that they can RECOGNIZE him and praise him to satisfy his egos..

Is God a hallucination of the human species or did he evolve over a period of time ?