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A God who never was!

65 millions years ago!!

At the end of the mesozoic era..

Let us assume that the dinosaurs never got destroyed..

Let us assume that the mighty asteroid that hit earth or the super volcano that erupted or the global climatic change that took place never happened 65 million years ago..

So the dinosaurs moved on in the evolutionary ladder.. today we have millions of dinosaurs living in the dense forests of this planet.. in the open deserts there are camel like giant dinosaurs.. in the polar regions we have mammoth like dinosaurs.. not all dinos are huge and giant.. there are smaller and medium sized ones too.. herbivorous and carnivorous too. and of course millions of other species everywhere.. except humans who never evolved.. because mammals never got a chance to evolve more stronger than reptiles

So this is our earth today.. ruled by dinosaurs.. and other reptiles..

So what big deal?

Well , there are no humans on this planet.. a peaceful place to live in.. no wars.. no pollution.. beautiful nature.. the blue planet as seen from space.. no buildings..

Something else is not there.. remember, these dinos are not intelligent like humans

So there is no ideology.. no religions.. NO GOD !

Who would have worshipped God in that case? Where would have all the so many Gods gone ? Now we have too may Gods.. but in the case of a Dino earth there would have been none

Who would have praised the God? Who would have fought in the name of God?

Where would have been my God, your God..

Where does God exist? Out there outside the universe or right here inside our intelligent(?) brains ? Or as Vedas say, is Universe itself the God ?

Don’t tell me that the very fact that intelligent humans who can think of God exist, proves the fact that God exists This makes God look as if he created intelligent species so that they can RECOGNIZE him and praise him to satisfy his egos..

Is God a hallucination of the human species or did he evolve over a period of time ?

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  1. Very interesting thoughts Paresh :)

    But then God destroyed dinosaurs!! God shouldnt have done it! We would have had a real jurassic park! okie just kidding..

    From the point of a scientific perspective I dont think God interferes in the functioning of the universe.. And hence there is no way for us to verify whether God exists or no!

    Say suppose a vehicle is moving down the road and its breaks fail and the occupants start praying.. now if the God interferes and stops the vehicle, in the form of an invisible force or miracle, then its against the laws of science!! Either God has to be visible to us and keep helping us everyday so that God becomes a part of science, like Sun or moon.. OR God should be invisible and never interfere in the functioning of the universe, in which case it doesn’t matter whether God exists or no!

    God if existing might have just created a universe by defining science.. like for instance defining the values of the physical constants like gravitational constant, cosmological constant, speed of light, etc and the basic fundamental laws of nature.. and then simply allowed universe to evolve on its own..

    If you ask what I believe to be God.. I dont really think about a superhuman God.. I believe only what I see.. so I think this universe that is visible itself is the God and we are a part of it.. This thought can help us to protect and preserve nature.. to respect all life forms.. both animate and inanimate ones.. remove hatred and violence in the society etc

    So we can be materialistic and atheists and say that universe is just the universe… Or we can be theists and say Universe is the God.. it is left to our own psychological comforts, but both views are scientifically valid..
    a non interfering God is also valid according to science since it can never be disproved.. or there might be no God at all!

    What do you think? :)

  2. Gurudev, my theory regarding god experimenting is this….

    First God created the material portion of the universe, and it was amazing at start but became boring after some time, so god created life – starting with viruses and bacterias, as god found it interesting, God kept on experimenting with multi cell structure and then created some first animals/fish under water. Dinosaurs were entertaining at first but became boring as well.

    Then god decided to put intelligence in creatures to make it more interesting. Since small brain dinosaurs were not capable of handling intelligence, God needed to redesign and hence created human.

    With Human the things could go out of control with intelligence, so God created barriers, creating sukshma sharir, karan sharir and made 7 layers of increased intelligence (some says 4 layers). Now the challenge is for humans to master each of these sharirs one by one and attain ultimate knowledge and be one with god.

    Also god created it using the yuga cycles. In kaliyuga, since god is said to be resting no new creation being done by god (only accidental creations and creation by humans).

    Now all of the above was from earth’s human point of view, but there are many possibilities and parallel paths for Yakshas, Gandharvas, Kinnervas, and for many other species and many different galaxies.

    I know there is description of universe creation in ancient indian texts – but these are my views.

    Will discuss some time on The world is not worth it, World is a dream and world does not exist theory sometime. Time for attending a meeting.

  3. I like it paresh when you say “”god experimented and kept on experimenting””.. looks more scientific :)

    Oh Yes… I contradict myself a lot many time… I try to see from all sides of a coin… and argue for it.. so that the arguments on all sides get more and more refined.. and then I can see which one looks more accurate with less flaws.. if a person is believing in only one thing, without even wanting to look at the other side of the story… then that becomes unscientific for me.. unbiased investigation without prejudice leads us towards the truth :)

    So I dont criticize something without reading and knowing about it.. nor do I support or praise something without myself having known it.. Its basically a process like how a researcher tries to do all kinds of experiments to come out with the result..

    and yes.. sakara God is what I am talking about as a human creation.. where humans who couldnt look beyond one’s self.. beyond the ego of his species.. created a God who looks like him.. has emotions like him.. is biased like him.. etc

    If at all God exists.. then the God will be Nirakara as defined in the RigVeda… the formless… Nothing yet everything..

  4. This definitely contradicts with Aham Brahmasmi :)

    God created this universe on will, so god experimeted and kept on experimenting untill god saw ultimate satisfactory scenario …..

    Universe where on some planets, the creatures like god him/herself …. with tremendous potentials … but again with no or very less knowledge of that potential … only few among them can ultimately find out the true purpose of their life (as mentioned in geeta by lord krishna).

    But with that philosophy, there is a place for nirakar god only. The sakar god is intermediate step to understand the nirakar – ultimate – pure energy – neither can be destroyed or created.

    By above thoughts, yes, the sakar god is the human creation, as some ancients attained the ultimate nirvana and provided the paths to the rest by creating sakar god. (Or was it because of the nirakar god didn’t want it to make it easy on human?? )


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