Wanted to make a prophetic prediction
Searched the search engines for a popular question

Started thinking about the day on which the world is going to end,
As that was the current trend.

think.. think.. think deeeply deeeeeeply deeeeeeeeeplyyyyy

So deep that the pacific depth reaches everest height!

And lo, saw light at the end of a tunnel rain
And started running towards
And then realized that was an approaching train!
Not a marathon, No awards

Fight or flight is the name of the game..
Sit back relaxed, and the day wont be same

nuclear bomb explosion

What Nostradamus hasn’t seen
Where None of us have ever been
When Knowing doesn’t mean
And yet the world is so keen

To know the ultimate date
Of the end of its very own fate
Before its really really late
To astro about the future state

Here comes the prophecy
Fear not, its worth to see

Day of the year ought to be sixty one
Till today the time has never won
For it ought to be the month, second
After which wont tick another second!

So the world ends on ?