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Dooms Day Prophecy

Wanted to make a prophetic prediction
Searched the search engines for a popular question

Started thinking about the day on which the world is going to end,
As that was the current trend.

think.. think.. think deeeply deeeeeeply deeeeeeeeeplyyyyy

So deep that the pacific depth reaches everest height!

And lo, saw light at the end of a tunnel rain
And started running towards
And then realized that was an approaching train!
Not a marathon, No awards

Fight or flight is the name of the game..
Sit back relaxed, and the day wont be same

nuclear bomb explosion

What Nostradamus hasn’t seen
Where None of us have ever been
When Knowing doesn’t mean
And yet the world is so keen

To know the ultimate date
Of the end of its very own fate
Before its really really late
To astro about the future state

Here comes the prophecy
Fear not, its worth to see

Day of the year ought to be sixty one
Till today the time has never won
For it ought to be the month, second
After which wont tick another second!

So the world ends on ?

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  1. Also when I glanced thru a Nostrodomus’ book, I vaguely remember reading that he has predicted that in the near future (20 yrs) a meteor would strike earth at atlantic ocean. and most of southern england would be submerged. Have u read about this Guru, or infact about any of nostrodomus’ predictions?

  2. Yes
    There are many asteroids that are moving around Earth and as some asteroid tracker expert involved with NEAT project once said
    “”We can guarantee that the 1% of the asteroid that we know today pose no danger as of today. But we dont about the 99% of the asteroids which we are yet to track””!


    NEAT is the Near Earth Asteroid Tracking Project which keeps a track of asteroids which have a possibility of crossing/approaching the Earth’s orbit, and there are some asteroids that have been now classified as PHA (Potentially Hazardous Asteroids)!

  3. I had read in newspapers some 5-7 years ago that a meteor is heading towards earth and is going to collide on Aug 14th, 2116. Can someone confirm these ‘rumours’.

  4. Ok! why not then have a blog on time period and calenders…to know if we are on time, going ahead or lagging behind the actual time??? :-))

  5. Because of the high precision atomic clocks, we are able to observe and are also adding a leap second almost every year to correct for earth’s slow down of rotational speed due to moon! In other words, the length of a day is slowly increasing, thanks to the friction offered by tides, courtesy moon!

    But this is off topic as far as leap year is concerned, because leap second is related to rotation, while leap year is related to revolution! Leap second does not correct anything in terms of revolution.

  6. Good thinking.
    But there wont be a February 30, as there is no February 30 required in Gregorian calendar!
    This is because we have leap years for this purpose!

    In fact a leap day once in four years adds a bit of extra time to the year, and to compensate for this, century years like 200, 300 etc are not considered as leap years, except for once in 400 years, there by compensating for that slight extra time added every leap year. Its like correction and over correction :)

    But, actually there WAS a february 30 in the year 1712, and that was in sweden. This was to correct a calculational mistake while converting from julian to gregorian calendar in sweden!

  7. Sorry! i meant 4584. Explained below.
    Julian calender (365.25 days in a year) was adjusted in 1582 which became gregorian calendar as of today.

    Today, gregorian calender has 365.2425 days. it still exceeds the actual solar year which has 365.242216 days

    At this rate, it’ll take around 3000 year to gain a day.

    so 3000 year after 1582 is 4582.The next leap year after 4582 is 4584.

    Going by the logic of leap year you add the extra day to feb.we then should add this extra day to feb 4584 by which it will have 28+1+1=30 days.

    Oops! The doomsday is here!!!

  8. anonymous
    Thanks for those wonderful informative video links :)

    root@localhost and I=Indian
    Correct guessing guys!

    But 4712 is something which I hadnt thought of while writing the lines, I only intended to write about 30 Feb, which can indeed never happen. Can you please tell me how you got 4712? just curious :)


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